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"There is no doubt that violence, especially among youth, is a problem in the U.S. today. Since 1993, the U.S. has had the highest rate of childhood homicide, suicide, and firearms related deaths of any of the world's 26 wealthiest nations (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1993)," stated the authors of the article. Due to results as stated above by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the questions "what factors cause violent fighting as well as weapon carrying" and "what are assets that may help prevent such violence" come into mind. The article, Adolescent Violence: The Protective Effects of Youth Assets, shows a study that examined the relationships between nine youth assets and six demographic factors that may be linked to adolescent physical fighting and weapon carrying. The population consisted of one thousand ninety-eight middle and high school students and their parents from inner-city areas of two mid-sized Midwestern cities who completed in-home interviews. The authors stated, "Logistic regression analyses examined the relationship between each youth asset and the risk behaviors while controlling for demographic information." Results identified four demographic factors and five assets that were likely associated with no physical fighting in the past 12 months. Six of 9 assets were linked to reports of not carrying a weapon. These findings indicate that certain assets may protect youth from physical fighting and carrying a weapon.

More violent crimes are being committed by adolescents, and violence in schools has become an increasing problem throughout the nation in the last few years. A combination of factors may lead to violence, but there may be important assets that may be preventive factors to violence in schools, homes, and communities. The article states factors that may cause violence may be being bullied, teased, come from a single-parent home headed by only the mother, have brothers, sisters, or parents who have been previously involved with the criminal justice system, use drugs and alcohol, earn money selling drugs, have friends who use drugs as well as sell them, have sexual intercourse at a young age and with numerous amounts of sex partners, have a low family income, being a teen parent, and dropping out of school. One example briefly stated in this article was of the Colombine High School shooting in Littleton, Colorado on April 20, 1999 in which two students who attending Colombine High opened fire in the school, and shot and killed twelve students and one teacher, leaving 28 students injured before killing themselves. These two students, Eric and Dylan, both were in a clique called the "Trenchcoat mafia." The Trenchcoat mafia was a group of outcasts who would wear long black coats everyday, always bragged about owning guns, and disliked people of a certain color or race. The reason that these two students opened fire was because they didn't like being judged...

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