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Adolescents and Nutrition I would like to talk to you about adolescents and their nutrition. Did you know that surveys prove that adolescents lack many nutrients! Some of them are Vitamin C, Niacin, and Vitamin A. Adolescents need to get enough nutrition so that they may grow properly and healthy. Nutrients help adolescents by providing sufficient calories needed to do physical activities. Nutrients help adolescents grow and repair muscle tissue. They also provide enjoyment in their life! . A study has proven that over half of all the menstruating girls in the world are deficient in iron and have a high risk in developing anemia,a deffciency in iron. Also young athletes, male and female, have a high risk of getting anemia because of all the energy used on a sport. Can you believe that stress also causes a loss in iron! Anemia can cause people to have mental and physical problems. Some foods high in iron are lean meats, green leafy vegetables, whole grain breads , and strawberries.Adolescents should have about 1,200 mg of calcium a day! That is about 3 to 4 cups of milk. If a child does not like milk or other dairy products you can find a variety of calcium pills at stores like GNC( General Nutrition Center). Enough calcium in an adolescent helps keep bones and teeth strong. Some high calcium-rich foods are dairy foods, dark green leafy vegetables, and broccoli. Though some of the foods mentioned sound nasty but in the long run calcium helps stop osteoporosis and high blood pressure! Zinc is a nutrient that helps you grow properly and heal fast. If a male adolescent is short, his wounds don’t heal, and sexual organs aren’t growing it is probably because he is not putting enough zinc in his body. Some symptoms for male and female adolescents low on zinc are, eating foods and tasting nothing or not ever feeling very hungry. If an adolescent gets enough zinc then they will be more resistant to diseases and infections from a wound. Not enough zinc can cause an adolescent to get cardiovascular disease, cancer, or acne. Adolescents who play sports and live warm climites should get a lot of zinc because zinc precipitates in the air. Also adolescents who a re vegetarians normally don’t get the required amount of zinc. Foods like meats, seafood, and cereal have high amounts of zinc in them.Vitamin C helps adolescents get rid of colds and it makes collagen, which is a kind of glue in your body that hold cells together, that is very important. This vitamin protects adolescents from poor wound healing, bruises, bleeding gums, and poor growth. It protects adolescents from harmful chemicals on earth too.It is in fresh fruits and vegetables. Vitamin A is a fat soluble. Adolescents who don’t get enough of this vitamin don’t grow very tall. This Vitamin helps adolescents get good...

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