Adolescents: Fitting In To High School’s Puzzle

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People these days, especially teens, hold themselves to the standards society advertises. Everywhere you look, there are stereotypes and images of what a person should be, according to society. There are many cliques that offer these easy fit in standards, but school is not the only place that the pressure to fit in is affected. You can be uncovered through your efforts to blend in, thus causing you many problems as you try to make it through high school without a couple bruises.
This generation’s high school lifestyle incorporates a lot of different cliques and niches. With these cliques comes many labels. The words “jock,” “nerd,” or “prep” may come to mind. Everyone has the expectation that they will find somewhere that they will find somewhere to fit in high school. What happens to the ones that do not? They seem to be in a void category, as if they are not even there or forgotten. They receive the label of an outcast. Shane Koyczan observes the way one may be labeled through his own experiences: “We were expected to define ourselves at such an early age, and if we didn’t do it, others did it for us. Geek. Fatty... I was being told to accept the identity that others will give me,” (Koyczan). We are not in complete control of who we are perceived to be. Surrounding peers decide who they think you are based on your appearance or grades but forget to look at what lies on the inside. It is all a process of categorization where you must attempt to camouflage yourself or risk being excluded.
Pressures outside of school itself are also very apparent in adolescent’s lives. These other influences on their behavior can affect how well they fit in or how much effort they put in to doing so. It is not always easy for teens to balance everything on their plates. Referred to as young adults and expected to act as such, they are still looked upon as children. Although there are many other factors in life, they all seem to revolve around school and what happens there. Problems at home can make it very difficult to focus or communicate, but these difficulties are only made worse by the already stressful pressuring during the school day. High school is no longer a safe environment for adolescents. Teens are constantly being told what is cool and are naive enough to give in to the negative ideas they are subjected to. Bullying, physical or not, is becoming more than just a common problem; it is nearly reaching an epidemic point, causing suicide or depression in teens everywhere.
Bullying is often shown between social groups. It is not always the classic lunch money taking or a trash- canning. Adolescents respond more to receiving dirty looks or being...

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