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Adolf Hitler (1889 1945) Essay

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Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th in 1889 in the Austrian town of
Braunau, close to the bordering River Inn separating Austria from
Germany. He disliked his father who was a minor customs official in
the service of the Austrian Hapsburg Empire but adored his mother and
worshipped her. His father died in 1903 when Adolf was only fourteen
and still in school.

Adolf Hitler proved to be a failure at school, showing no outstanding
talents or abilities in any of his studied subjects. Even though he
had a poor record as a student, he remained in full-time education
until the age of sixteen. He then spent two years living with his
mother in the Austrian town of Linz until her death in 1907. After her
death, Adolf went to live in Vienna to follow his dream of becoming a
great artist or architect and twice applied to the Vienna Academy of
Fine Arts but was rejected both times.

Adolf was very poor and unemployed most of the time which meant he
lived mainly in hostels in Vienna. Between the years of 1909 and 1913
he spent most of his time drifting around the streets of Vienna in the
hope of becoming employed. At one time, he worked as a labourer but
was fired when a Jewish trade-union official discovered he'd lied in
order to get the job. It was this event that probably founded his deep
hatred towards the Jews which resulted in his ideas of racial purity
and the Holocaust. Although little is known about his time in Vienna,
it is during these years that he picked up many of his ideas which he
later used in the Nazi Party.

In 1913, Adolf Hitler moved to Munich, Germany in order to avoid
military service in the Hapsburg Empire which he hated. One reason for
this would be that it was here that his father had worked for most of
his life. But when the World War broke out during the following year,
Adolf volunteered his services to a Bavarian regiment. He served on
the Western Front and acquired many bravery awards and the Iron Cross,
which was unusual for his ranking - a corporal. His officers gave him
a job involving enemy propaganda because they had noticed how good a
speaker he was.

Adolf Hitler was in hospital recovering from being badly gassed during
the last few months of the World War when the armistice took place in
November 1918. When he recovered and could understand that Germany had
been defeated, he reacted badly. He, like many others, blamed the
Communists and the Jews for the defeat of Germany in the World War and
claimed they had 'stabbed them in the back'. As soon as he was
released from hospital, Adolf was determined to restore Germany's

After leaving the hospital, he moved back to Munich but remained
employed by the army and ran night-classes in political education.
Hitler later became a member of an obscure political party...

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