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Adolf Hitler And His Dictatorship Essay

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In order to truly understand Hitler's nature and personality one has to also focus on the time before his dictatorship, his family life and youthhood.He was born into a fairly wealthy Austrian family on April 20 1889. His father, Alois, was a customs officer earning 100 pounds per year. His mother, Klara, had five children in total but only Adolf and his sister Paula survived.When Hitler was about six, Alois bought a house and some land to start a quiet life. Here Hitler started primary school achieving high marks. He never got a chance to fully settle down, because his father decided to sell the land and move yet again. September 1900 Hitler started secondary technical school in Linz. This ...view middle of the document...

Despite his rejection he remained living in Vienna, spending his days sleeping late, sketching, reading and visiting public buildings. He had a love for the opera, but he had to watch from the standing area, as he could not afford a seat.He was also already interested in politics, and was disgusted at the way politicians debated. He later expressed his feelings in this autobiography Mein Kampf;"The intellectual level of the debate was quite low. Sometimes the debaters did not make themselves intelligible at all. Several of those present did not speak German but only their Slavic vernaculars or dialects…"Hitler was dissatisfied with the politics going on in Austria, he considered himself on a higher intellectual level especially compared to those politicians not speaking German.With no job, or any sort of income Hitler's living situation grew worse, in 1909 this forced him into the 'dosshouse'. He experienced very harsh living conditions, but later things started to improve as he drew and sold postcards, sketches and advertisements. At the same time he received financial support from his Aunt, and when she died she left him money equivalent to three years wages for a labourer.Due to his strong feelings of dislike towards the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Hitler moved to Munich on 24 May 1913. He continued to try to sell his artwork, but early 1914 he received an order from the Austrian army to report for military service.Upon his arrival in Austria he was given a medical examination and was found unfit for the service. He immediately returned to Munich, and when World War I broke out a couple months later, Hitler joined the Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment and served there almost continuously for six years.Hitler enjoyed working with a group of people that shared the same goal; he felt strong feelings of German nationalistic pride and was a soldier who risked his life more than once. His fellow soldiers described him as "odd" and "peculiar". One soldier from his regiment, Hans Mend, claimed that Hitler was an isolated figure who spent long periods of time sitting in the corner holding his head in silence. Then all of a sudden, Mend claimed, he would jump up and make a speech. These outbursts were usually attacks on Jews and Marxists who Hitler claimed were undermining the war effort.Hitler was a dispatch runner in the trenches, he had to carry messages to the front line which meant risking one's life. For his courageous acts he received a number of awards but was never promoted higher than corporal because of his strange behaviour.In October 1918, Hitler was temporarily blinded by a British chlorine gas attack, he was sent to the military hospital, and whilst he was recovering Germany surrendered. This downfall had a deep physiological effect on Hitler; as he failed yet another thing, he was very passionate about. This historical moment changed Hitler's perspective of things; this is what he wrote after finding out about the defeat:" I knew...

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