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Adolf Hitler And Nazi Germany Essay

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June 28, 1919 marks the day that World War I came to an end with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. Less notably, it also marks the day that Adolf Hitler fully committed himself to strengthening Germany after it was brutally weakened by the causes within the Treaty of Versailles. Like a Phoenix rising out of its ashes, he wished to see Germany rise out of the metaphorical shackles that were locked by the victorious powers in World War I. During the interwar period, and leading up to the outbreak of WWII, Hitler presented himself as the strong, self-confident politician that Germany needed to lead the country back to its prior greatness. With a huge following both nationally and internationally, many bought into the image that Hitler presented. However, many still wondered who the real Adolf Hitler was. They wondered if they were dealing with the Hitler of Mein Kampf, lulling his opponents to sleep with fair words in order to gain time to arm his people? Or is it the Hitler who was has discovered the burden of responsible office, and wanted to extricate himself, like many an earlier tyrant, from the commitments of his irresponsible days? Thus the riddle that had to be solved (Ascher 2012, 5-6). However what part of the riddle is known to be solved are the negative parts but there is more to this man than the unfortunate events that occurred under his control of Germany such as awareness to health problems in Germany and finding ways to prevent and cure diseases.
The most commonly known fact about the Leader of the Third Reich (Kershaw 1987, 3) was that he was very aware of how important his ‘omnipotent’ image was to his leadership position and the strength of the regime (Kershaw 1987, 3). Hitler, himself as is well known, paid the greatest attention to the building of his public image. He gave great care to style and posture during speeches and other public engagements (Kershaw 1987, 3). It has been rumoured that he has never went out in public without his militarized trench coat due to fear of showing sweat marks on his clean white shirts. And he was keen to avoid any hint of human failings, as in his refusal to be seen wearing spectacles or participating in any form of sport or other activity in which he might not excel and which might make him an object of amusement rather than admiration (Kershaw 1987, 3). This created a prestige image of the Führer und Reichskanzler (Leader and Chancellor of the Empire) of being self-confident, secure and powerful which helped him to enforce his authority. Some say his obsession with image developed as a child, refusing to wear hardwearing homespun during the working week and black serge on Sundays which resulted to Hitler standing out. This can be seen in an old photograph taken of his class at a Technical School in 1904 (Bunting 1976, chap. 1).
Not much is known of Adolf Hitler as a child other than his peculiar nature. Adolf Hitler was born in April 1889 and weighed nearly seven pounds but was of...

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