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Germany’s fate was changed on April 20, 1889, the day I, Adolf Hitler was born to German official, Alois and my dear, Klara Hitler. Little did they know of what a miracle that had blessed them that day. My destiny was decided for me every time my father lectured me about the abhor Jews, taking up our German property, and beat me for the childish mistakes I made. I realized my destiny was to punish the faults in our once perfect nation. My father’s strict upper hand was not the only contribution to my great plan. At the age of sixteen, I left my home to pursue my dream of becoming an artist. I enrolled myself into the Viennese Academy of Fine Arts. The vile Jews in charge of the school denied me acceptance into the school. I spent five years trying to be accepted. Many would call me stubborn, I see it as persistence. My anger toward the Jews increased immensely afterward. The only solution I could see was the total annihilation of the Jewish scum. Maybe, my father would even see in me, what he always wanted, a military leader. For the next few years, I earned an education in politics, studying the theories of Christians such as, Mayor Karl Luegar. While studying, I learned of a growing concern about the “purity of blood.” I realized that members of the Jewish community were contaminating our rich, powerful German blood. These no good, big nosed leeches have the nerve to take German property, our rights to get an education and now, our blood. They were going to pay for the damage they had caused!

In August 1914, World War II broke out, and as a proud German, I joined the Sixteenth Infantry Regiment, serving as a despatch runner. The military recognized my potential and gave me the Iron Cross for bravery. Near the end of the war, my unit was bombed with gas. Every man on my unit was killed, except me. I was blinded though, and for months I focused on regaining my foggy vision. When I learned that Germany had lost the war, I was outraged. There was nothing I could do, my vision was still poor. The rumor I heard in the hospital was that a party of Jews had went against us and gave information to the other side, I didn’t doubt that the Jews stabbed us in the backs, a little bit. When I regained my sight, I sought out revenge. In 1933, after years of working with the members of the Nazi party, I climbed my way up the ladder to success, and became an official leader of Germany. As soon as I came into power, ghettos were placed around Germany to house the Jews and their disgusting lives away from society. The ghettos soon became overpopulated, everywhere you looked, scrawny, dead Jews lay. So, to dispose of the weak, sick, old, or rebellious, concentration camps were placed all over Germany. There, we disposed of the Jews in an efficient way, cremation. Using this system, we executed millions of Jews.

The first time I walked through the streets of Warsaw, the most populated ghetto, housing over four hundred...

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