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Adolf Hitler And The Loss Of World War Ii

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Adolf Hitler’s military tactics, poor leadership skills, and actions caused him to lose World War II. Hitler’s objective was to gain world power. He was willing to risk everything for Germany to become the most powerful country. According to Richard Overy, a British historian, “If the German people are not prepared to engage in its own survival, so be it: then it must disappear!” (538). Hitler was also willing to sacrifice Germany to attain world control and victory during World War II. The idea of losing WWII never came across Hitler’s mind because he was confident that Germany would become victorious during the war.
Germany was not able to claim victory during World War II due to poor military guidance. Hitler’s military tactics led to the defeat of Germany during the war. According to Williamson Murray, a military historian, “Not surprisingly, the Battle of Britain was a dismal failure not just for the Luftwaffe, but also for German strategy” (34). Hitler was not able to come up with an effective strategy to lead Germany to victory because he was mostly concerned about eliminating the Jews. He was mainly focused on carrying out the “Final Solution” throughout the European countries. Hitler’s failure as Germany’s leader indicated that there were many flaws in his military plans.
One of the tactics Hitler and his army used to help defeat their enemies was blitzkrieg. According to Andrew Roberts, a historian, “Blitzkrieg relied on fast-moving armored columns punching deep holes in the enemy's front, closely supported by dive-bombers and truck-borne infantry” (37). Germany had an advantage of using the blitzkrieg tactic because it helped them surprise, move, and attack their opponents quickly. They used this tactic against Poland and France. The disadvantage of the blitzkrieg was that it required a lot of military supplies, like weapons, tanks, and airplanes. Hitler never realized that Germany had a chance to win World War II by using the blitzkrieg tactic against all of their enemies.
Another failing tactic of Hitler’s was to focus on the Soviet Union instead of focusing on other countries. Hitler focused on eliminating the Soviet Union after Germany eliminated France. When Germany defeated France, Hitler made the mistake of not paying close attention to the United States. According to David Kaiser, an American historian, “The Second World War confirmed the lesson of the first: that no European power had the economic resources to compete with the economic might of the United States, furnished most of the supplies for the Allied war effort against Germany and simultaneously defeated Japan as well” (389). Hitler failed to realize that the United States had a greater advantage than France or the Soviet Union to defeat Germany. The United States was a simply rich country in military supplies, like tanks and airplanes that were used to put an end on Hitler’s army.
Hitler also wanted to eliminate the Jews and the spread of communism....

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