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Adolf Hitler: Pure Evil Essay

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Adolf Hitler was a man filled with self-indulgent acts and was abominable towards others
-- a man who, even to this day has destroyed his reputation. The majority of Hitler actions were filled with artifice. Everything about this man was evil.
Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, at the Gastof zum Pommer , in Braunau am Inn, in an Austria town near the border of Bavaria, Germany. Hitler’s parents were Alois Hitler and Klara Hitler née Pölzl . Although Adolf was the fourth child born to his family, he was the first child to survive infancy . His two siblings born after him, Edmund and Paula, also survived their early childhood.
At a young age of three (1892), Adolf and his family moved to Passau, Germany, where Hitler acquired his distinctive lower Bavarian dialect. Two years later, the family moved to Leonding, Austria. As a mere child, 6 years of age, Adolf attended Volksschule School which was state-supported. Once, he discovered a picture book among his father’s belonging filled with information about the Franco Prussian War. This book intrigued Adolf and he became fixated on warfare.
Adolf’s life turned upside down when on February 2, 1900, Adolf’s younger brother, Edmund, died from measles. The death of Edmund greatly affected Adolf. Instead of being a confident, outgoing and excellent student, he became morose, detached, and a sullen boy who often fought with his father and teachers. This unacceptable behavior stayed with him for years.
Hitler’s father had a successful career as a full inspector of the customs posted at Braunau am Inn. His career was so successful that he desired his son to have the same profession. So, Alois Hitler took Adolf to the customs bureau office for a visit. Hitler’s father ignored Adolf’s plea to go to art school and he sent his son to the Realschule School in Linz for schooling to become an inspector. Adolf purposefully did poorly in his schooling, hoping that just maybe… his father would allow him to continue along the career path of his choice.
Alois’ decision to send Adolf to Realschule School started a conflict between Adolf and his strong-willed father. This battle continued until the sudden death of Adolf’s father on January 3, 1903. Doctors now believe that Alois Hitler probably died from pleural hemorrhage 3(fluid surrounding the lungs).
After Adolf’s father died, his mother allowed him to quit going to the Realschule School in Linz. Less than a year later in September of 1904, he enrolled in Reaslschule in Steyr. Quite quickly, his grades showed improvement. But, Adolf was not satisfied with this previous career choice of arts and left the school in 1905 without any ambitions of further schooling. In fact, he did not even have any plans for his career.
After his schooling, he moved to Vienna where he received support from orphan benefits because his father was dead and Adolf was still under the age of 18. To make a little money, he sold watercolor paints from the...

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