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Adolf Hitler Q: What Is This Essay About? A: Adolf Hitlers Life Q: How Long Is It? A: 4 Pages Plus Cover Page And Bib./ Works Cited Page Make 6 Q: How Many Words? A: Body Is 1,100 Words.

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Adolf HitlerPrepared forMr. DwyerPrepared byJason Kaleta5th hr.April 9, 2002Adolf Hitler was a German leader of the National Socialist party from 1933-1945. He was born in Braunau, Austria. His father was a minor customs official. When Hitler was a young boy, he was interested in art and music, but failed in both his higher education and was rejected from the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. From the years of 1906 to 1913 Hitler supported himself in Vienna by painting, selling postcards, and hanging wallpaper. It was during this period that Hitler became grossly anti-Semitic and very anti-socialist. He adopted a number of beliefs on the supremacy of the state and the racial superiority of the German race.In 1931, Hitler moved to Munich, which was at that point in time the center of German artistic life. At the outbreak of World War I Hitler enlisted in a Bavarian regiment. Twice, he was decorated for bravery and, late in the war he was hospitalized after being temporarily blinded by poison gas. Shortly thereafter Hitler helped to form the German Workers' Party, which soon was renamed the National Socialist German Workers' Party, or more popularly, the Nazi Party.Hitler was an effective demagogic speaker, instantly; Hitler was getting positive responses from many war veterans resentful after defeat. Hitler gained forces and in 1923 he attempted to capture control of the Bavarian government in an action known as "the beer-hall putsch". The putsch failed and Hitler was put into prison for nine months. During his imprisonment he wrote a book entitled, "Mein Kampf", standing for, "my struggle", in which he set forth his program for the restoration of Germany to a dominant position in Europe.In the next few years Hitler and his close associates extended the National Socialist Party organization throughout Germany. With the beginning of a worldwide depression in 1929, the party spread rapidly. Some leading German industrialists and other conservative elements that feared an uprising of the working class supported the party. In 1932, Hitler ran for president but was defeated by Paul von Hindenburg.On January 30, 1930, President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Hitler chancellor of the government in which the National Socialists were still a minority. Hitler proceeded to govern, without concern for the non- National Socialist association members. In 1934, a group of National Socialists that were critical of the conservative economic policy that Hitler was pursuing in alliance with industrialists and militarists were executed in the alleged "blood purge". On the death of Hindenburg, Hitler combined the offices of president and chancellor into one and assumed the title "Fuhrer", standing for leader.Hitler was devoted to the destruction of the Treaty of Versailles and the conversion of Germany into the dominant military power in Europe. These Nationalistic objectives provided the foundation through which Hitler would extend his power by assuming complete economic...

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