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Adolf Hitler's Narcissistic Borderline Personality Disorder Essay

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Adolf Hitler’s horrible actions cannot be attributed to a drug addiction, or just being evil. It was a combination of a mental illness, and a mental disorder that caused him to take the actions. He suffered from a narcissistic-borderline personality disorder. He did not suddenly become mad towards the end of the war, but had been unstable his entire life; when under greater stress, it became more prevalent. A narcissistic personality, which is categorized as a mental disorder can be described as, “driven to control and manipulate others.” The narcissist is constantly seeking praise and when he does not receive it he gets bored, but “with his paranoid features he can avoid this emptiness and even feel deeply engaged when defending himself against imagined enemies,” giving him the feeling of purpose. Narcissists also experience fits of rage that can be unbearable and they may project it onto someone else and then believe the anger originated from that person, or persons. “Controlling, manipulating, and grandiose actions are often justified by the narcissistic personality as ways of coping with such unrealistic threats.” This description fits perfectly with Hitler’s view toward the Jews. He had no true reason to hate them or feel that they were ruining the German race. He created these ideas in his mind and they only got worse over the years to the point where he took action them and then tried to exterminate them completely.
The borderline personality, which was only recently categorized as a mental illness , is described as, “a severe disorder characterized by pervasive patterns of disturbance or instability across multiple domains of functioning, including behavior (e.g., chronic fear of abandonment, affective instability, intense or inappropriate anger), condition (e.g., distorted thoughts and perceptions), attention (dissociative experience), and relationship interaction (e.g., intense, volatile adult relationships.) There are numerous causes for the development of this disorder. Some that pertain to Hitler include, conflictual [sic], distant or overprotective maternal relationships, genetic vulnerabilities, failure of father presence, and maltreatment.”
One of the main characteristics of the borderline personality disorder is splitting. Persistent splitting [that] manifests itself in the separation of others into all-good or all-bad people.” Splitting is described as, “The synthesizing function of the ego gradually merges these disparate images of the mother into an image of the whole real person. She is recognized and regarded at times as both good and bad. Under unfavorable circumstances of the infant’s health or care, the separation or ‘splitting’ of the two part-images persists. The split later prevents the development of realistic concepts of other human beings…Resulting in the infant identifying himself with two contradictory images of the mother.” This again fits the idea of Hitler putting the entire Jewish population into the...

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