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Adolf Hitler, The Leader Essay

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What were the motivating factors in Hitler's early life to prompt him to become a leader?Adolph Hitler, the 20th centuries most influential leader? Since the end of the Second World War, Hitler and his Nazi party's' ideas and politics have been widely deplored by the majority of the world as barbaric fascism, which must never be allowed to happen again. However, it can be argued that Hitler accomplished some remarkable achievements, purely due to his strength of leadership and character. During Hitler's rise to power to become master of the majority of Europe in 1941, from his humble beginnings as an artist, is worthy of study and discussion, and this essay will look at what factors and ...view middle of the document...

' Whilst living in presumed hardship in Vienna, Hitler began to listen to the political meetings and read pamphlets, which later became evident to form the central doctrine of Nazism. This time was obviously a low point for Hitler, as he scraped together a living selling his paintings and living in a men's hostel. It can therefore be deduced that the psychological elements of these failures and losses during his time here, coupled with his interest in the Anti-Semitic speeches which used the Jews as scapegoats for 'the ills in government' probably shaped Hitler's future attitudes and became a strong motivator which he would later be able to use to his advantage and gain the hearts and aspirations of the people he was to later lead.At the outbreak of the First World War, Hitler was living in Munich, Bavaria, from where he had no interest of serving a government whom he though to contain 'dark forces manipulating the masses' and managed to avoid conscription several times. His age group was called up in 1910 when his military training was due to begin and he did not register. He also chose to ignore two of the following musters in 1911 and 1912.'After some hovering, at the beginning of February Hitler had to appear before a military commission in Salzburg where the absconded and apparently half starved "artist" was certified as "unfit for combatant and auxiliary duties, too weak and unable to bear arms."' This kept the future dictator well away from the army and illustrates his reticence at this point in his life.A major influence on Hitler's life came just as war had broken out, when Kaiser Wilhelm spoke on the 1st August 1914 from his balcony in the Berlin palace. Hitler was captivated by what the leader was announcing to all those who where listening. Shortly afterwards the apparently unfit male volunteered for active service. He joined the Army on August 16th and was posted to the Reserve Infantry Regiment number 16, a Bavarian unit. Hitler served on the Western front at Ypres, Flanders, on the Somme, the Chenin des Dames and the Aisne and was their Regimental runner. He found that the conformance to the rigid regime of the army greatly satisfying, compared to the aimless drifting bohemian lifestyle he had previously led. He was awarded the Iron cross (2nd class) for bravery at the battle of Wytschaete in September 1917 he was awarded the DSO (3rd class) and in August the Iron cross (1st class).These achievements indicate that Hitler must have been a dedicated and brave soldier and a committed servant of the German nation, who conducted his duty on the front line as a 'brave, cool-headed and fearless under fire soldier,' His motivation for this was by seeing this as an act of valour for the fatherland which he regarded as the only ideal vocation for a man. Psychologists such as Hans Frank would claim that this attempt by Hitler to become more of a 'man' were his personal ways to try and cover his own insecurities and effeminate beliefs that he...

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