Adolf Hitler, The Mastermind Behind World War Ii

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What comes to mind when you hear the name Adolf Hitler? Hitler was the mastermind behind World War II and is held accountable for the deaths of many civilians. Although Hitler was a heartless killer, he had many problems growing up in a dysfunctional household that made him the corrupt person he turned out to be. Adolf Hitler was a very controversial person who will astonish anyone who learns about him.
Adolf Hitler was born in Austria on April 20,1889 to Alois and Klara Hitler. ( Rosenburg Jennifer) Hitler had five siblings but only one of them survived. Throughout his childhood, Adolf had to deal with an aggressive, short tempered father. His father, Alois, had a rough relationship ...view middle of the document...

Hitler’s actions reflect on the difficulty and agony he went through as a child. (“Adolf Hitler: Early Years, 1889-1913”)
Hitler’s interest in politics arose after being rejected by the art schools in Vienna. When World War I began, Hitler became a solider for the Bavarian army even though he was not a German citizen. Hitler proved himself to be a great, brave soldier. He was ranked as corporal. Due to Hitler’s bravery, he was given two Iron Crosses. Hitler was wounded twice during the war. His first injury took place in October of 1916, when he was wounded by an enemy shell. Adolf served a total of four years fighting in the harsh, cold trenches and was temporarily blinded by mustard gas in October of 1918. On November 11, 1918, Hitler learned that an armistice had been reached and World War I was finally over. Hitler was not pleased with the results of the war. One source states, “ Hitler described his reaction in Mein Kampf: “There followed terrible days and even worse nights-I knew that all was lost … in these nights hatred grew in me, hatred for those responsible for this deed.” Hitler’s hate was not geared towards the military. It was towards German politicians and the Jews. ( “Hitler in World War I”) Hitler knew that the Treaty of Versailles laid many obstacles in the way of Germany’s prosperity. Hitler wanted rebuild Germany under a nationalistic government. Hitler began to show his anti-Semitism in August of 1919. (“War Ends with German Defeat”) In September of 1919, Hitler became a member of the German Workers’ Party. (“ Hitler Joins German Workers’ Party”) Hitler showed what a powerful speaker he was while serving as a member in the DAP or German Workers’ Party. Hitler spoke about concerns he had regarding the Treaty of Versailles, he spoke about how the Jews should be blamed for Germany’s problems, he preached anti-Semitism, and more. More and more people began joining the party. In the summer of 1920, Hitler picked a symbol for the group he renamed the National Socialist German Workers’ Party or short for Nazi. The symbol, the swastika, was meant to be eternally anti-Semitic. Hitler had huge success in forming the Nazis, by the end of 1920 the group had over three thousand people. (“Nazi Party is Formed”) On July 29’1921, Hitler was elected as the Futhrer of the Nazis.(“ Hitler Named Leader of Nazi Party”) Even though Hitler presented himself as an intelligent, well spoken, brainwashing leader he had many faults to him.
With success comes failure. Germany went through an economic depression following World War I. They were asked to pay thirty-three billion dollars in war reparations. Money became worthless. Food was worth billions and everyone in Germany was hungry. The Nazi party knew that it was the right time to strike and Hitler did not want to risk leadership for not trying to take over the government. Their plan was known as the Beer Hall Putsch. It did not work out as planned and many shots were fired. Hitler...

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