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Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin And A Turkish Dictator Reflecting The Fascist And Communist Worldviews On Key Political Issues.

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This paper will present a platonic dialogue between Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and a Turkish Dictator reflecting the fascist and communist worldviews on key political issues. To be more consistent, I wrote an imaginary story in order to create a context that these three people would come and talk to each other. According to the story the new Turkish Dictator did not have a certain political stand. He was about to take control of the country with a cunning plan, and he was seriously looking for advices. During their conversation they will talk about particular issues like economics, foreign policy, and way of governance. However, firstly here is the context that the new Turkish Dictator emerged.The year was 1937. Turkey had already taken serious steps towards the consolidation of the new democratic regime and the new republic was also performing well by means of modernization. However, meanwhile opposing voices were rising both within the party and from outside the parliament. Although these were considered as natural consequences of a transformation of the regime, the opposition movements were suppressed for the sake of the new Republic.However, the leading figures of the new order, especially Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and İsmet Pasha, did not even notice the existence of a very radical group within the RPP which would soon be the end of the republican and democratic regime in Turkey. If they had expressed themselves, they would most probably be killed. However they organized quite secretly among the whole country and waited for the right time to appear. This group was not a representative of a sophisticated political ideology. They were neither leftists nor rightists. The only thing they supported was the autocratic order led by a person except Mustafa Kemal.When Mustafa Kemal had died in 1938, they murdered all his close friends in one day with a perfect plan. Chaos was the only word to describe the country was in. The people lost their faith in RPP because they could not deal with the countrywide crisis. After a while the radicals appeared as an organized group which had members in every segment of the society including the army. Now they were considered as the only hope of the country.Turkish Dictator: I am very glad to see you here. As you see there is an extremely chaotic atmosphere all around Turkey so, it is the perfect time to take the control. However, I need your help in order to determine a set of policies that can satisfy the masses and provides popular support. Later on you can tell me how I can get the control and consolidate my power.Hitler: As a candidate for the leadership of this country, you should believe that you come to rescue the Turkish people from the humiliation of defeat that you faced in the last three centuries and the decadence of the new pacifist regime. You should be the one that can restore the Turkish people to their rightful historic position as a master race. You should guarantee the people that you...

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