Adolph Hitler's Death: I Got A Lower Mark Because He Said I Didn't Include A Thesis Statement, But Other Than That The Essay Is All Right.

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"Our Führer, Adolf Hitler, fighting to the last breath against Bolshevism, fell for Germany this afternoon in his operational headquarters in the Reich Chancellery. On April 30, the Führer appointed Grand Admiral Donitz his successor. The Grand Admiral and successor of the Führer now speaks to the German people."-Official German Announcement of Hitler's death, 1 May 1945 (Radio broadcast.)This radio broadcast was heard all over Germany as Russian and Allied forces closed in around the city of Berlin. The statement was partially true; Adolf Hitler was dead. What was false was the method of death. While Hitler had been urged by his most dedicated supporters to either die at the hands of the enemy to be an example to the German people, or flee Berlin altogether, he instead chose suicide, on April 30th. The truth was kept a secret, creating the myth of the Führer's courageous death in battle. For the few remaining soldiers, to hear of their leader giving up his own life before faced in battle would have been detrimental to the cause. Instead, the new Führer's first decree was to create a myth of Hitler dying in battle as a martyr to the German cause.The last month of his life, Hitler fell to madness, illness and fear, and these factors contributed to his decision to end his own life in the Reich chancellery Bunker, rather than fall into enemy hands where his fate was undecided. This essay will touch on April 1945 in the bunker itself, from Hitler's moving in on January 16, to the attack on Berlin, until his and his most loyal followers suicides, as well as the world's fear that Hitler was still alive, fears not officially laid to rest until 1965 by the Russian government.The allies never knew Hitler was in Berlin until a week before his death; they had been misled, following a wild goose chase that ended in Northern Europe. Reported National Redoubt, a planned attack on supposed German headquarters in Sweden and Norway, dominated all talks, as well as every action; the Allies simply assumed that Hitler was there. It was not until months after that they learned that Hitler had been living in the relative safety of the Reich Chancellery bunker, where he in fact had been living since January 16th. At one point, Dwight D. Eisenhower (General of US) contacted Stalin, leader of the Red Army, to try to divert Russia's myopia concerning Berlin, and attempted to engage their cooperation of moving towards Bavaria and Austria, to a sight called 'The Eagle's Nest' where the Americans were sure the major artillery and leaders of the third Nazi regime were held. Stalin and his army ignored this, if anything moving more steadily towards Germany's capital, as they thought this was a distraction so that the Western Allies could claim the area for themselves. Winston Churchill also knew both the political and symbolic necessity of acquiring the city, further causing strain to the coalition between Russia, England, and the USA.The event that...

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