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Adopt A Shelter Pet Stamps Essay

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If presale demand for the new Adopt a Shelter Pet stamps is high, the United States Postal Service will order a second printing, according to information in the March 25 Postal Bulletin published by the Postal Service.
The 10 44¢ stamps picturing dogs and cats will be issued April 30 at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, 5200 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood,
Calif. The stamps will go on sale nationwide on the same day.
The first-day ceremony will start at 2 p.m., and the doors will open at noon. The ceremony is free and open to the public with no tickets required. The auditorium seats 600.
Talk-show host, comedian and American Idol judge Ellen DeGeneres and Postmaster General John E. “Jack” Potter unveiled the stamps March 17 on The
Ellen DeGeneres Show (Linn’s, April 5, page 14). Both DeGeneres and Potter are scheduled to speak at the first-day ceremony.
The Postal Service is working with DeGeneres and Halo, Purely for Pets, a natural pet care company she co-owns, to promote the campaign to adopt pets from shelters and also to promote the sale of the stamps.
The initial print quantity of the stamps is 300 million stamps, or 15 million panes of 20. According to the Postal Service, the print run for commemorative stamps averages 65 million.
So far in 2010, the quantities printed of new 44¢ commemorative stamps have been lower: 40 million of the four Cowboys of the Silver Screen stamps, 25 million of the four Distinguished Sailors stamps; and 20 million of the single Bill Mauldin stamp.
Unlike definitives (regular-issue) stamps, commemorative stamps traditionally do not go back to press for additional printings.
But, in a break with this tradition, the Postal Service states in the Postal Bulletin that if its sells 7.5 million panes by the end of May, the stamps will be reprinted. The second printing will comprise 120 million stamps, or 6 million panes, according to the Postal Service.
“The goal is to have this sheet of commemorative stamps be the most pre-ordered stamps in history — possibly requiring a reprint before they are even available for sale,” the Postal Service announced.
The Postal Service is accepting preorders through normal channels and a new web site, The web site also provides information about adopting pets from shelters.
The Adopt a Shelter Pet stamps are se-tenant, or side-by-side, in panes of 20 with 10 different designs.
The stamps reproduce photographs of five dogs and five cats. The pets were homeless at one time; all but one had been adopted when they were photographed on Memorial Day weekend in 2006. Sally Andersen-Bruce took
the photographs at the Animal Rescue Society shelter in New Milford, Conn.
Andersen-Bruce photographed pets at the same location for the two 37¢ Neuter and Spay stamps issued Sept. 20, 2002 (Scott 3670-71).
Derry Noyes of Washington, D.C., designed both the new Adopt a Shelter Pet stamps and the previous Neuter and Spay set.
The two woman also...

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