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While studying the Kingdom of God from the perspectives of Derek Morphew in Breakthrough and Charles H. Kraft in Christianity with Power, it has opened my mind up to completely new and interesting discoveries when considering the power that has already been given to God’s children while here on earth. It is utterly mind blowing realizing that many Christians, including myself, have not tapped into their full potential of unleashing the expectations of the risen Savior. Christians have come to believe that they are helpless and powerless against any of Satan’s attacks; however, that belief is not the reality that Christ intended when He laid down His life on the cross. When Jesus came to live on earth and walk among His people, He came not only with a goal to unleash His Kingdom, but He also came with the supernatural ability to unleash His Kingdom and thereby impressing upon His children the victorious ability to daily live in supernatural abundance. He came for so that those who believe in Him would be set free and no longer held bondage. Kraft stated in Christianity with Power, “But Jesus acted as if healings and other uses of spiritual power to overcome natural, human, or spiritual conditions ought to be the normal occurrences” (Kraft, 1989, p. 102). Derek Morphew stated it this way in Breakthrough, “the mysterious nature of the kingdom consists of the fact that it is always here, almost here, delayed and future” (Morphew, 1991, p. 66).
Morphew shares the fact that this present time that we all live in on earth is actually two ages that currently coexist at the same time within each other. In other words, the space and time which is presently occupying this universe, is the known as the Interim. The time before Christ was manifested in the flesh is defined as the Present Age. Therefore, the time when Jesus Christ returns, also known as His second coming, is defined as the Future Age. Nonetheless, the Present Age did not end abruptly as many thought it would. The prophets, Isaiah and Daniel, thought that the current world would cease to exist, and then immediately afterwards, the new world, also known as the Future Age, would begin to exist. “The Old Testament prophets expected that the arrival of the age to come would coincide with the termination of this present age” (Morphew, 1991, p. 66). However, that is not how the events occurred. There is no line or dates that ends one age, and thereby, the new age begins. “The fact that the kingdom has come, and yet is still to come, creates an unexpected period of delay in which this world continues while the next world is already present” (Morphew, 1991, p. 66). Consequently, the two ages are now coexisting together, which is the principal key underlying the abundance of supernatural ability that dwells within the Christian. “But because of what happened in Jesus, we are forced to conclude that the age to come began, in some mysterious way, prior to the termination of the present...

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