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Adoption And Its Process Essay

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According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, the term adoption means “the act or process of giving official acceptance or approval to something”(adoption). The first record of legally adopting someone was in the 17th century. Even though this was the first recorded adoption, scientists know that adoption was a common custom to do within families when a parent died(“Adoption Timeline”). Nowadays, people adopt primarily due to infertility. Adoption is a challenging process, but when chosen, it changes the lives of the people involved, especially those in foster care.
Adoption has been around for centuries; it even dates back to the Bible. For example, in the Old Testament of the Bible, two heroic jews, Esther and Mordecai, are cousins, but Mordecai took Esther in as his own daughter because she would have grown up as an orphan. Also from the Old Testament comes the story of Moses. His birth mother put him in a basket and floated him down the river, hoping to protect him from the angry pharaoh. Ironically enough, the pharaoh’s own daughter took him in as her son, which protected Moses from pharaoh. Back then, it was an easy process to accept a child as one’s own. There was not any paperwork or legal hassle to worry about.
As years have gone by, the process has gotten to be much harder to go through. Even in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, it was much easier to simply accept someone into their family as their son or daughter, just sign a few papers and it was official. Today, parents that want to adopt pay thousands of dollars, fill out tons of paperwork, and, in most cases, have to wait a long amount of time to make the adoption official. Even with all that, adoption can be uncertain. There is always the chance that the birth parents may want to keep the child once it is born, or a mistake made by the adoption agency caused it to fall through.
Each country’s adoption process is different. For example, in many countries, once a child is adopted, they are accepted as part of the family, and receive the family name. In countries like Egypt, orphans are taken care of extremely well and are highly esteemed in their society; however, in many places like the Middle East, people are not allowed to accept an orphan as an actual son or daughter. Giving them the last name of the family and allowing them to live with the adoptive parents is not acceptable to their culture.This is strange because Egypt’s most donated-to cause is to orphanages. (Fontes and Wanchic). Even though each country has its different beliefs, it is important to be willing to accept parentless children for who they are.
There are many types of adoption to choose from. The two broad categories are domestic and international adoptions. For each of these, one can go through agency adoptions or independent adoptions. Agency adoptions include either a public organization or a private one. Both differ in cost and methods of adopting. A public organization includes going through...

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