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Adoption Is An Option Essay

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"It's the hardest choice you'll make, but I know I made the right one when I placed my child in adoptive care" (Orr). There are a few options for pregnant teenagers regarding parenting. These include adoption and abortion. The majority of teens have not attained basic knowledge of adoption and the benefits it encompasses for the child and the mother. There is an abundance of useful information teens should be aware of before deciding parenting, abortion, and adoption. More teenagers who are expecting a child should choose adoption because it provides a more suitable lifestyle for the child, it's a positive alternative for couples unable to give birth to their own child, and it's beneficial for the mother and her future.
Teens that select adoption for their child enable them to obtain a suitable, stable family lifestyle. Teenagers are not able to parcel out entire care for their child. They lack education required to come into possession of a job that can provide enough income to have all the necessities it takes to raise a child and support a family. Young adults also have an absence family stability and marriage. “Only 20 percent of fathers marry the teen mother of their child and 80 percent of these fathers pay less than 800 dollars per year for child support” (Abma). Children need a better foundation in their family. This instability tends to cause the child to perform poorly in school and may have to repeat a grade. However, children placed in adoptive care foresee a much brighter future. “Children who are adopted as infants often have higher levels of health, self-esteem, and family support” (National Campaign). Health, self-esteem, and education are all vital for a young child. Teen parenting deprives these kids of the ability to have a superior future. Adoption tends to be the only way a child of a teenage mother can receive the best care.
Adoption offers a practical option for couples unable to give birth to their own children. There are many couples that possess a great, aplomb environment for a child, but are not able to deliver an infant. A reason for this predicament is same gender marriage. Couples falling under this category are fully capable to contribute to a child more than a teenager could. “In an era where many children are raised by single parents, with proven disadvantages, such as lower educational achievements and poor behavior, gay couples offer adopted children two full-time parents” (Week). This supplies the child with a propitious prospect. Granted same sex marriage is a motive for couples to adopt, infertility is also a major reason. Numerous women in the U.S. have this problem, and adoption yields a great opportunity for a child of a teen mother. “There are 6.7 million women, ages 15-44, in the U.S. who are unable to get pregnant. That’s 10.9 percent of women” (Infertility). This is an emerging issue for females and adoption exists as one of the only methods for these couples to start a family. Pregnant minors should...

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