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Adoption: Is It The Life Option?

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Thinking about adopting a child from another country? It means a lot to even think about the idea, but actually going through the process is a pretty remarkable event. Adopting a child from another country is a very important life option that a family needs to be mentally prepared for, they may even have to change their ways for the child. Even though approximately 13,000 immigrant children are adopted each year, there are many issues that adoptive parents need to be concerned about when they are adopting internationally. The delays in speech and language development are the most common delays presented in internationally adopted children. Another issue is getting touch with the child’s home heritage, and the child losing its connection to his or her heritage. The physical and mental shape of the child is another concerning issue of internationally adopted children. There are more children to be adopted internationally than domestically, which is adopting within the country. International adoptions commenced in Scandinavia around 30 years ago. Sweden had the most foreign adoptees. Later, adoptions across national boundaries became more and more common (Dahlen).
Just think how difficult it was to adopt internationally thirty years ago, because now there are many delays even with all the technological advancements. Delays consist of paperwork to potential fraud. There is lots of paperwork to be completed, to ensure that the child is going to a safe family that cares. Presently, there have been delays for chances of potential fraud (Krueger, 2). The process also has delays for the needs of the child. Sometimes the adoptive parents may have to travel to the country, and they might possibly have to stay there a few weeks at a time. Before the parent would receive the child they would need to learn the culture and customs, and maybe even their language. Learning the culture, customs, and some of the language will possibly cause some delay also. Besides being a more lengthy process it also costs more than domestic adoption.
International adoption seems to be a great idea, but it is only a good idea if somebody has the money for it. It is a very costly process. There are costs from traveling expenses, because sometimes an adoptive parent will have to travel to the country. There’s a family who lives in David City, who adopted from China, and had to travel China to get their adoptive child. They had to plan and budget for the trip. Besides travel expenses, there are international fees and paperwork agency fees. Because of all the paperwork that people have to fill out, they will often hire an agency to help them make sure everything is kosher. Hiring that agency will not be cheap, and then paying for the passport for the child to come will add on an additional expense. The cost of the total adoption process can range from $24,000 to $35,000 (Strickert). If the adoptive parents are not wealthy, they will have to either budget...

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