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Adoption Of Cloud Computing Relating To Data Storage

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The main driving forces of cloud data storage are reputable companies such as Amazon and Google building comprehensive computing infrastructures (Google, 2009). These infrastructures are removing the complexity of in-house data storage and ultimately reducing costs of limited networked data centres (Hitachi, 2010). The traditional inefficient model of purchasing servers every time you need to accommodate for high use or growth is now being replaced by internet based systems that replicate your data centres but without the big overheads (Google, 2009). This flexibility assists in the ever changing business world and its continuous improvement initiatives to remove waste, improve efficiency, and ultimately reduce costs. Another key driving force is the support for effective business continuity which will remove again the hardware costs and the strain on risk assessment and management. Removing this hassle can free up valuable time for the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the Information Technology (IT) department to implement IT and Information Management (IM) efficiently and in due course reduce cost. Werner Vogles of Amazon of Web Services (Twitter) supports the idea of less hardware because if you have to buy more hardware to initiate this cloud movement it is not a cloud. This further supports the need to shed the old procedures of having in-house hardware and data storage and instil efficacy.
Cloud data storage is reaching small to medium sized companies, this is being achieved by flexible costs which is assisting manageability of data capacity. The more data stored, the lower the price. This is encouraging the strategic side of companies to look at this new phenomenon closely. As this is geared towards bringing enterprise scale infrastructure to small and medium businesses (Diversty Ltd, 2010) it is evident that the growth of cloud computing and data storage is substantially significant. Amazon EC2 from 2009 to 2010 reports a growth of 94%, Rackspace Cloud Server 106%, GoGrid 188%, and Linode 146% (Jack of all Clouds). As the trend is rising and more and more people use cloud data storage which provides a flexible model for data storage it can assist a strategic advantage of centralising storage and allowing negotiable pay-as-you-go costing.
Centralisation of IT and specifically data storage is becoming a more desirable option in the cloud. It provides a central point where data can be managed and release the technical problems that previous staff had in backing up and maintaining hardware. With a centralised approach come models such as hybrid, private, and public, these provide choice in services and security. In having a choice CIO’s can strategically design an infrastructure built for their companies needs.
To implement cloud data storage the impact it could have on the business would be the organisation and planning of transferring data to the cloud could be a costly, timely operation. It is imperative to ensure the company...

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