Adoption, The Moral Alternative To Abortion

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Adoption, the Moral Alternative to Abortion

It was only three days after being born that I was flown to my new family in Illinois. If I had not been for a one woman’s unselfish decision, I would not be writing the words on this page right now. Abortion is an ethically wrong decision and option for a parent. It is illegal to take the life of another human being; by choosing to have an abortion, legally a parent is not willingly killing a human life. However, this choice is still seen as a murder to most people. Women should be forced to place their children up for adoption instead of a choice have an abortion.

Abortion is a morally wrong decision. By definition, abortion is an aborted organism. In such a definition, a child is not being considered as human; this correctly depicts what humans do when they abort a child, they demean and disregard this being. Abortion is the willing murder of a human life. Pro choice activist debate that since the child has not physically been born, the fetus should not be regarded as a complete living being. How could such a person live with themselves and their decision? How could such a person deal with their conscience?

Abortion is not just a quick easy way of avoiding pregnancy. There are many key factors in following through with an abortion. There are serious long term effects that may occur after an abortion. For instance, sterility is a serious risk; this may result in scaring caused from infections during the abortion. Women who endure pregnancies have a 17.5% chance of having a miscarriage latter in their lives. Emotional distress is one of the greatest effects from abortions. Women may suffer from this for their entire lives. The fact that women decide to take such a risk is very damaging to their mental well being. When considering an abortion, all factors should be measured carefully.

Choosing to go through an abortion and placing a child up for adoption are quite different matters to analyze. Simply, going through with an abortion is murder by killing a child. Where as, if you were to put a child up for adoption you are giving that child a chance to live. Enduring an abortion may to some people be a convenience; abortion is a quick way of dealing with this problem. Adoption can be seen as a long and grueling process. However, they are both mentally damaging; in both cases the parents, or parent have to give up a child and a life. In some adoption cases some people choose to take back their child; but for others the decision is indefinite. Both situations must be seriously considered and measured.

There are many reasons and scenarios to why people may have difficulties in raising a child. Financial reasons may be one of the major reasons people consider abortions or adoptions. It cost a fairly decent amount of money to raise a child and provide for it. In some tragic cases women decide to have an...

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