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Adoption: Types, Process And Importance Essay

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We have the potential to help out people of all ages, race and gender around the world. I feel that adoption is a wonderful way to help out mothers who cannot afford children at a certain time such as teenage mothers who are still in school. Adoption gives people a second chance. A mother that is giving up their child for adoption can give them huge opportunities to get their lives in order before they have another child. Also, the children that are adopted will be placed into a loving and caring family and will live a better life than they would have with their birth parents, that couldn’t provide them with everything they need. In most cases children will not be placed in an adoptive family if the court doesn’t feel as if the household that’s trying to adopt is mentally, emotionally, and financially stabled.
There are many different types of adoption. The most common ones are open adoption, closed adoption, and semi-open adoption. Open adoption is when the child has the chance to develop a one-on-one relationship with their birth parents. Closed adoption is where the adoptive parents and the birth parents have not met and they don’t have intentions of the child coming in contact with their birth parents. Semi-open adoption is when a child is placed in an adoptive family and the adoptive parents will write letters or send pictures of the child developing. The other types of adoption are: International, Waiting Child Adoption, Step Child Adoption, and lastly Adopting an Adult. Intercountry and Domestic adoption are types of adoption also. They’re both somewhat similar and somewhat different. They both consist of the legal transfer of parental rights and responsibilities from a child’s birth parent or to another guardian. The only difference is the laws. To qualify for an adoption for immigration purposes into the United States, the child that’s being adopted must have the same status and relationship to the adoptive parents as a child by birth. Some other country “adoptions” are more accurately described as guardianships under U.S. law and are not considered adoptions for U.S. immigration purposes. Families from the United States adopt thousands of children in need of permanent and loving homes from other countries each year.

For most people, financial reasons play a major role in adopting children. The costs of having children today are way beyond expensive, especially if you’re not financially stable. Also, young mothers may not be emotionally stable or mature enough to take care of a child, whether it is the cause of school, not having a stable family for the child, or financial reasons. Some people may be infertile, so adoption is a great way for them, and it’s the only option they have. Most families adopt children to call their own since they cannot make their own.
Unwanted pregnancies used to be one of the main reasons for adoption. Lately it has significantly decreased. Another reason is that children who have been in abusive...

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