Love In Pain Essay

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Love Is PainWhen something goes away everything around you doesn't matter anymore. You don't care about anything. Everything around you is black and white. You're sitting in the corner of the dark room, full of memories about him. Memories that make you sad and make you want to cry. You think : "Here came the day that you have expected to come, the day of suffering, of pain and tears had come." And it seems that life ends for you in this very day. He is away and you do not know if he is ever going to come back. You don't know if he is going to look at you with his beautiful brown eyes, to hold you with his strong arms, to kiss you with his juicy lips. You look at one point and ask yourself what are you going to do from now on. Should you go on and fight with life or put an end of everything? You start losing the thread slowly.Are you suffering as much as I do? I don't know, but I want to see you, to hug you, to hold you in my arms, to feel that you are near me and never let you go. Why does it hurt so much? Every time I think about us, those days when we were together appear in my mind. They might not be so much but they meant something for me! Oh God, how I wish the things between me and him were...

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647 words - 3 pages , there is a down side. The fair truth is that love can be warm and sweet but it hurts. Not like a physical pain, or even like the pain of a big disappointment. It is a form of pain so overwhelming that it is like love itself that it occupies all of your thoughts. Not everything will turn out as planned, not everyone will remain in your life. People walk out for different reasons, it may be against their will, or in their favor. Sometimes pain from

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