I Want To Go Into Law Enforcement

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The citizens are not the only people that help the Community be safe, its the police that help people feel safe by eliminating the bad things. But, there is one thing that doesn't make the community feel safe and that is the amount of crime. Some Places obtain less crime than others, therefore; developing a bigger population. For an example, East St. Louis has not a lot of people living there because there is a high number of crimes that happen. As many people can see, one of the careers that I am interested in doing is law enforcement.
There are many ranks that many people can drive into; there is an officer, detective, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, colonel, and commander(“Careers” para.2). The lower ranks are required to wear a uniform while on duty such as being an officer(“Careers” para.3). Police officers prepare many things around the community, including enforcing the law, responding to emergency and non- emergency calls, patrolling your assigned areas, conducting traffic stops, arresting suspects, filling out forms, and preparing cases(“Police and” para.10). If somebody is physically hurt the officers will have to perform CPR on them(“Police Patrol” para.3). The police will sometimes have to control crowds too(“Police Patrol” para.1). When policemen patrol their assigned area they don’t always patrol it by car they will sometimes have to patrol them by foot too(“Police Patrol” para.3). When police patrol they will sometimes come across accidents which they will have to investigate to observe if the person was violating the law or rule(“Patrol Police” para.3). Police patrol officers protect lives and property while detectives gather information or evidence of crimes(“Police and” para.1). Sheriffs and deputy sheriffs are similar to police patrol officers, but they provide more security in the county or city(“Police and” para.24). Railroad Police patrol railroad yards and check ID’s for people that enter a secured area(“Police and” para.23). State police officers basically have the job as a sheriff or patrol officer, but instead they work for the state(“Police and” para.22). Detectives usually investigate crimes, collect evidence for the crime, interview suspects or victims that was involved in the crime, and observe the suspect’s actions(“Police and” para.11). Detectives usually take photographs, take fingerprints, and do paperwork on the crime scene that has happened(“Careers” para.5). Computer crimes are when hackers hack into government files to collect information while some may hack into mobile devices and laptops(“Careers” para.16). Bomb disposal is when a bomb is going to blow and that is when the bomb squad comes in and shuts it off(“Careers” para.15). After the bomb goes off or gets shut off, the detectives come in and try to find out where the bomb is from and whose it is. Aviation is when planes and helicopters respond to calls that ground units can not reach(“Careers” para.14). Special weapons and tactics is only used when...

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