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How many different ads, exposed to our everyday situation, are there? Countless. The number of ads has suddenly taken an impact on our everyday life because of the high frequency in which they are presented. Ads are in school books, magazines, newspapers, television commercials, billboards, and most of everything else we come across on an everyday basis. A well known company, Budweiser advertises their beer in implicitly sufficient ways to better increase their revenue. Gucci also displays their advertising in such a way that emphasizes the higher social class that comes with purchasing items from their inventory. The ad from Budweiser and the ad from Gucci both reinforce Killbourne’s belief that displays of "sex in advertising" is dehumanizing and deceptive in nature because of the implicit portrayals of subconscious male and female expectations that are gathered from both of the ads.
The Gucci ad communicates some common female ideals and expectations. This ad portrays three very good-looking and rich females wearing Gucci products spending time casually with another male. The male in the photo is hidden, symbolizing that he is not an important figure in this advertisement but from what is visible there seems to be a “safe” vibe coming from this man just like that common stereotypical vibe that women consider when

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assessing the qualities of a “good guy.” The women are all wearing summer skirts that seem to be flailing and revealing some skin with the breeze of the warm summer air. Since the ad is mainly targeted towards a female audience there is a focus on some of the generalized goals of women. An example of this is the positioning of the supermodels in this photo. The choice of positioning the women with their backs towards the camera is a choice by the Gucci advertisers attempting to refute the common sexual message in ads. The two women on the left of the picture are displaying friendly facial expressions and body positioning. This leads to the implicit but central theme of the photo, “if you buy a Gucci bag you also get friends.” Women in today’s society tend to associate most the feeling of happiness with having numerous and strong friends. The desire of happiness comes with the possible vulnerability towards deception.
The ideals communicated by the Gucci ad are absolutely dehumanizing and deceptive in nature. The model’s eye contact display inviting characteristics towards the audience but at the same time having their backs turned symbolizes that they aren’t easily attainable, or in other words they aren’t easy to be or be friends with. This link between attaining friends and buying a Gucci bag is false to base an individual’s social “rating system” upon. It is deceptive of Gucci advertisers to make individuals think that buying a Gucci bag is going to impress other women and bring in more friends. This is not necessarily the case. But going off the stereotypical belief system today, it...

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