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As teenage children grow into adults multiple things can change who they are, but could the biggest factor be the adults around them? Parents and celebrities have the biggest influence on teenagers, how they act, who they date, what they wear, and their moral standards. Who a teenager becomes is based on who they are around and how involved their parents are in their lives.
Parents influence who a child dates and even at what age a child has sexual relations for the first time. In a research brief done by Child Trends a survey was done asking children what influenced them on what age they decided to have sexual relations. This brief proved that if children have a positive relationship with parents can cause children to delay having sexual relations and lessen the risk of teenage pregnancy (Moore). Half of the teens interviewed in this brief said that their parents influenced this decision and half of the people that were parents of teenagers said that their adolescent’s friends influenced with who and when teens had sexual relations (Moore). A computer model was built to show if parents influenced who their children date. This model showed that parents are willing to give more to support their children if they believe it will give them more surviving grandchildren. When parents were allowed to intervene in who their children, specifically daughters, they tended to support the daughter who had needier boyfriends more than others. Seem odd? When parents did this type of support they maximized the number of surviving grandchildren. This generosity done by parents was exploited by their children over generations, once children figured out that they could get more resources from their parents if they dated poorer partners less suited for them, they tended to date these types of people more frequently (Van den Berg). As this trend became more popular through generations the amount of caring son-in-laws decreased. Other factors including cultural factors, personal development, and chance events play a part in this selection also, but it seems that evolution has played a key role in who teenagers date (Van den Berg).
Celebrities are helping teenagers discover who they are and how they want to act (Gauna). With new technologies teenagers are allowed intimate access into their celebrity idols lives, this access allows them to know where the celebrities are at all times and have a look into the more private parts of their life. The teenage years are when a person’s self esteem is built, this is a fragile time for the teenager, making them susceptible to all kids of influence. When teenagers are exposed to celebrities exhibiting poor behavior it can influence them that such poor behavior is acceptable in society. These poorly behaved celebrities can even affect what parents name their children. An example of this comes from Mason becoming the second most popular name. Kim Kardashian named her son Mason in 2009, this isn’t the only name rising due to...

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