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Middle adulthood is a stage of life where aging will begin to show. Aging will cause deterioration in aspects of a person health in a multitude of ways. There are multiple methods of measuring an individual’s health. These include, but not limited to, mortality, morbidity, disability, and vitality. (Berger, 498).Mortality is a measure of health that refers to the number of deaths each year per 1000 people of a given population. These numbers are recorded from legal death certificates which also contain age, sex, and cause of death. (Berger, 498). The average number of 17.2 deaths per 1000 in 1900 has improved to 8.2 ...view middle of the document...

The production of this information will reveal how disease stricken a given population can be. (Berger, 498).Disability, as a measure of health, refers to portion of a population that cannot perform normal activities that other people can. (Berger, 498). Disabilities can come in a multitude of forms. It can be a physical disability such as not being able to walk, or a psychological disability like anxiety. Disability is very costly to society because when a person cannot actively participate in daily activities, society loses an active contributor and may also have to provide special care to that person. (Berger, 499).Lastly, vitality is “a measure of health that refers to how healthy and energetic- physically, intellectually, and socially- an individual actually feels. This is an eternal quest that everyone is on. It is inherently natural to want to feel good and do good things, this is referred to as the quality of life. Most people “now agree that the goal of medicine should be extending and improving vitality rather than simply postponing mortality, preventing morbidity, or remediating disability.” (Berger, 499).ReferencesBerger, K. S. (2005). The Developing Person: Through the Life Span. (Sixth Ed.). New York, New York: Worth Publishers.Infoplease. (2008). U.S. Annual Death Rates per 1,000 Population, 1900–2005. Retrieved on July 8, 2008, from

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