Adulthood Psy 215: Lifespan Of Human Development

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The challenges one faces during adulthood can range from minor, to extreme setbacks in life. Being a young adult, it’s sometimes hard to grasp the reality of relying on none other than yourself when one takes the leap and moves out of their parent or guardian’s home. Along with the responsibilities and daily stressors that come along with being an adult, there also can be unplanned or unexpected obstacles faced. Trying to navigate through adulthood can be hard for some, especially when unexpected events happen such as unplanned pregnancy or getting into drugs/alcohol, which can make adulthood a little harder to cope with.
An extremely challenging situation a person might face during adulthood could be an unplanned pregnancy. Even with all the methods of birth control available to people, there are still chances of getting pregnant when using these forms of birth control. Hormones are raging in young adults, so there is a stronger desire among many young adults to experiment with sex, especially with the peer pressure among friends and students. According to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (2017), “50 percent of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unplanned and most of them are women in their 20's”. This is a staggering statistic. Again, with all the methods of birth control offered to people, there is still a 50% rate of U.S. pregnancies that are unplanned. One last statistic that is also very shocking is that 70 percent of the women of unplanned pregnancies in the U.S. are single (Palo Alto Medical Clinic, 2017, para 3). With that being said, there is some key information to keep in mind that can help guide 30% of these women and their partners and 70% of these single women in coping with their unplanned pregnancies.
Because unplanned pregnancy is such a huge challenge to face in life, especially when faced alone, a woman and her partner need to be informed of the ways to keep the pregnancy healthy so there are no miscarriages, birth defects, or harm to the mother during pregnancy. To successfully make it through an unplanned pregnancy, the very first thing a woman should do is make a doctor’s appointment to consider her options and to get informed. Pregnancy is a big deal and affects a woman’s body tremendously, so visiting a doctor immediately to get medical information and to stay on the path to having a healthy pregnancy is extremely important. Speaking and opening up to family, friends, and counselors also can help a woman and her partner cope with an unexpected pregnancy. Since there are a lot of emotions and hormonal changes that happen to a woman’s body when pregnant, it is important to talk with a doctor, family, friends, or a counselor to make sure a woman isn’t too stressed during her pregnancy. When a woman has the support from her family, friends, partner, and a counselor, it might make the process easier knowing there are people there to help throughout the process. With all this in mind, when it comes to an unplanned pregnancy,...

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