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Every year, in the U.S alone, approximately over five hundred thousand violent
crimes are committed. In 2008, seventy-three thousand of these violent crimes were committed by juveniles. When you hear about murderers, rapists, and other criminals, automatically, your mind set wants these criminals sentenced to prison for a very long time. There is no second guessing when it comes to these extreme criminals, they should be punished for the severe crimes committed. Now, lets say the criminal was a fifteen year old, suddenly people begin to question if giving them the same sentencing as an “adult” would be appropriate. Many will say it is wrong to try a juvenile as an adult for various reasons, but by committing these violent crimes they stopped being children and should be tried as adults. Regardless of the age, criminals are criminals and they should all be tried the same, age does not define adulthood. Juvenile crimes are no different from adult crimes, teens know the difference between wrong and right, ignorance and foolishness are two different things, if the criminal has the ability to plan out the crime then they will be prepared to do the time.
Children as young as thirteen years old are being tried as adults and sentenced to die in prison. You may ask, “Doesn't that seem a bit too extreme?” Nevertheless,
the sentencing does is not nearly as extreme when compared to the crime committed. In one case three of five Florida teenagers, Denver Jarvis (15), Michael Bent (15) and Jesus Mendez (16), were accused of setting Michael Brewer (15) on fire over a $40 video game debt. The boys left young Brewer with severe burns over, what reporters claim to be, 65 percent of his body. These three boys attempted a harsh felony, second degree murder, and will be tried as adults. Still feel bad for these criminals? How about the Kosciusko murder, where 15 year old Colt Lundy and 12 year old friend Paul
Gingerich killed Lundy’s stepfather. It was said they planned out the murder two weeks before the killing. Not so innocent anymore. Point being, once these so called “children” decide to commit violent crimes, which are classified as adult ones, they lose the title and are no longer viewed as children. These juveniles were the ones who decided to put on their big boy boots and walk down the adulthood path. They choose their faith, now they are forced to suck it up, take the bull by the horns and pay for their actions.
I know what you’re thinking, “Okay so what if they committed these violent crimes? The human brain does not fully develop until the age of...

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