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Bullying is a serious issue in our nation and with the increasing technology advancements in the last decade, bullying itself has grown exponentially. Now, bullies can confront their victims in more ways than ever before in history. Instead of bullying people in social arenas such as school, public, or by telephone; bullies can now reach their victims through social media and numerous other types of similar applications on any given day or time. It can become relentless and overwhelming to the victim and there is not much help available in most cases to cease the problem at hand. Many reported cases of bullying go unheard until it hits a breaking point and the victim lashes out on the ...view middle of the document...

Bullies will attack victims for the smallest reasons, even if they themselves fall within the same category, such as for not having a lot of money, clothes, friends, or abilities whether it`s academically or sports related. Bullies will verbally bash the victim for any reason possible to pull down the victims` self-esteem as well as hurl hateful comments to gain attention and approval of others in the group. When the victim speaks out about the problem, more often than not, the bully goes into a self-defense mode and denies the said accusations and may start to physically harm the individual. The bully might use projection as a method to place the blame onto the victim, while the bully is the real problem. Very rarely does bullying cause mass violence, but as seen by media outlets in recent years, sometimes the tremendous pain of being persistently bullied over the course of time hits a snapping point. The innocent victim turns into a demon, so to speak. The only way to for the victim to get guaranteed relief from the pain and torture is to retaliate with violence to end the ordeal. It could be violence used in the form of fighting, shooting, stabbing or harming the perpetrator in any means possibly to plant the idea that their actions are not welcomed. The aftermath shows the severity that their actions have inflicted on the victim for the victim to go to such great lengths to subdue the problem (StopBullying).
Moreover, bullying causes major distress in many individuals. Depending on how severely the victim is being bullied and how well the victims coping mechanism works can have positive or negative long lasting effects on their wellbeing with the possibility of biologically or emotionally scarring the victim. The mind is a very complex processor and hard to fully understand because no person is the same or thinks exactly the same, which sets us apart from one another. Generally speaking, people with weaker coping mechanisms are at a higher risk of developing mental illnesses, whether underlying or present. However, can you differentiate a mental illness from insanity? I don’t think there is an accurate way to test the diagnosis besides pure speculation. It could be a psychological breakdown from several problems coexisting to create a state of psychosis, whereas the victim has a distorted sense of reality or a behavior change from adversity. On the other hand, there are people who can cope under the stress of...

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