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Advanced Care Planning Essay

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The Public Health Imperative measures the quality of life of an individual during times of severe chronic illness. This health imperative is characterized by: the potential to prevent suffering caused by the illness, major impact, and high burden. In the recent past is has become evident that care for older people, who have potential to become terminally ill, must be focused on. The types of patients may also lose the capability to make some of their most important decisions which include actions made by health professionals that are related to their end of life situation. Luckily actions were made to identify certain priorities pertaining to the public health and end of life issues. These ...view middle of the document...

These medical orders follow the patient wherever they go. I would choose the FiveWishes directive because it allows for more specificity relating to the patient’s circumstance. The MyDirectives directive on the other hand, has potential for loss (as it is to remain with the patient) even though it is available online. Of significance, not all older people are technologically savvy.
Palliative care is defined as the treatment given in order to control the pain or suffering of a patient’s illness. This type of care only accounts for the situations in which there is no reasonable cure to the patient’s illness. Palliative care usually applies to those individuals with chronic illnesses that have become life threatening conditions such as kidney failure, dementia, and certain cancers. This type of care, usually found in a hospice type of setting, aims to treat the patient physically, mentally, and emotionally in order to keep the patient’s pride of one’s self. Palliative care focuses on the complete wellbeing of the patient by offering family and clinical support systems, providing treatment for pain, and overall enhancing the quality of their life. The aim is not to postpone the patient’s death, but to embrace dying as a natural process. Palliative care can be seen at hospices worldwide. An example of this type of care would be a patient with end stage renal disease who cannot go on dialysis and is at the bottom of the waiting list for kidney transplants. This patient may experience severe headaches due to the kidney failure. Ibuprofen may be given to the patient for treatment of their headaches. Of significance, treating threatening illnesses or injuries while also using palliative care is possible as well. Palliative care is used for pain management but encompasses much more than that.

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