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Advanced Communication Essay

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In this essay I will be elaborating on the concept of communication within the mental health services. I will further explore it’s effectiveness. The names of all involved in this reflection have been altered and pseudonym used in accordance with (NMC 2008). I will explore the definition of communication, its rationale and its application within my professional area. My reflection is based on Gibbs Reflective cycle (1988) with 6 stages: description, feelings and thoughts, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan. My reflection shows my contribution in communication practice working to facilitate Joe’s recovery journey within a multidisciplinary team. My reflection is based on CPA in MDT meetings. A CPA is regularly conducted to facilitate Joe’s effective recovery journey. An integrated care pathway in this case refers to anticipated care set in a timely manner, written and agreed by the mental health multidisciplinary team. Its agreed standards includes Joe’s milestones and clinical interventions, logged on stage when its occurrence is expected, and it also acts as a basis for a payment system as highlighted by Darzi (2008). In order to work collaboratively, communication skill is essential in allowing development of trust and benefit for Joe and team members. This results in providing Joe a holistic and person centred care which entails treating his biological, psychological and social needs (Pence, 1999).
Schizophrenia is a multifaceted, incapacitating mental illness affecting insight, emotions, cognition, social interaction and choice. Further more it results in delusional and hallucinatory experiences (Stanley, et al., 2007).
Communication entails verbal and non verbal communication (Weller, 2002).Therapeutic relationship is based on Joe’s needs for care support and management (Neal 2003). Collaboration here is the association between two or more people, groups or organisations working jointly in describing and attaining a universal goal (Hornby & Atkins 2000). I used basic communication skills. According to Sully and Dallas (2005), basic communication entails probing, clarification, reflection, open questions and summarising. Meanwhile Sheldon (2005) states it is a dynamic process involving sharing information between individuals further more mentioning good active listening effects in enhanced awareness of Joe’s current health concerns.
Joe is a service user with a diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia and is subject to S37/41 of the Mental Health Act. Joe is from an Indian background with limited understanding of English with cultural barriers. He is on antipsychotic medication. When mentally unwell, Joe can become very paranoid and suspicious as a direct response to auditory hallucinations. Joe’s treatment intervention includes oral medication. His diagnosis is a debilitated mental health portrayed by a variety of positive and negative symptoms effected from neurotransmitter hypothesis (White, et al 2007). In his condition...

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