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Advanced Hypothesis Test on SuicideIn our Hypothesis test paper we discussed suicide statistics. What is suicide, "Suicide is a serious public health problem that devastates individuals, families, and communities" (SPAN USA, 2005). Suicide is defined as taking one's own life. As we learned in our last paper suicide behavior is complex. "National Vital Statistics Report shows suicide is the 11th leading cause of death among Americans. We learned in the last report the suicide results from complex interactions between biological, psychological, social, and environmental factors. In the last study we focused on the over all numbers of suicide deaths in the U.S. for 1998 threw 2005 (CDC, 2004). The hypothesis suggested that in recent years the suicide rate has increased dramatically. The Null hypothesis would suggest there is no significant increase only more awareness of the situation. The final ANOVA analysis indicates that the null hypothesis should not be rejected because there was not significant change, nor could the researchers support the claim that the rate of suicide has increased significantly in the 2002-2004 group. This report shall describe our determination. The report shall discuss type of method used, formulate hypothesis statement regarding our research issue, and perform the ANOVA test on data pertaining to our selection. Finally, this report will compare results with the first report.The information that was gathered for the two reports was information that has been used to help in many studies. "Research over the past several decades has uncovered a wealth of information on the causes of suicide and the strategies to prevent it. Many studies have identified factors that either increase or reduce the likelihood that a person will attempt or commit suicide. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Center (CDC) used this information to develop and implement prevention programs. These programs are designed to reduce the numbers of attempted and completed suicides" (CDC, 2004).MethodThe researchers retrieved secondary data from the National Mortality Survey (NMS) (CDC, 2004). The data released in 1998 with identifying information, which redacted to aid analyses. The National Mortality Survey represents an 8-year collaborative project between the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) and several federal agencies, state and local governments, colleges and university, and private associations and organizations. In this test we combined the statistic into two groups of four, group one is from 1998-2001 and group two is from 2002-2004, then we ran the ANOVA test.Formulate Decision RuleThe decision rule formulates by findings we received when we formulated the ANOVA. The level of significance we chose is .05. Then we compared it to the P-value of 0.5. We also...

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