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I would like to explore the different fields of Advanced Nursing Practice.The four that I will address are the Nurse Anesthetist, the Clinical Nurse Specialist, the Nurse Practitioner and the Nurse Mid-wife.Advanced Practice Nurses are Registered Nurses with specialty training at the master's-degree level, in primary care settings, such as the Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Midwives and acute care of inpatients, such as the Clinical Nurse Specialists and in operating rooms, such as Nurse Anesthetists. This has opened a door in the nursing field. Nurses' roles are no longer limited. Nurses now have opportunities to advance their career and expand their roles. Advanced Practice Nurses can be more directly involved in patient care decisions and be more independent from the physician. Advanced Practice Nurses are respected role models for Registered Nurses.What are Advanced Practice Nurses?As defined by the American Nurses' Association Congress of Nursing Practice:Nurses in advanced clinical nursing practice have a graduate degree in nursing. They conduct comprehensive health assessments and demonstrate a high level of autonomy and expert skill in the diagnosis and treatment of complex responses of individuals, families and communities to actual or potential health problems. They formulate clinical decisions to manage acute and chronic illness and promote wellness. Nurses in advanced clinical practice integrate education, research, management, leadership, and consultation into their clinical role. They function in collegial relationships with nursing peers, physicians, professionals, and others who influence the health environment. (McLoughlin 1992).Roles in Nurse Midwifery and Nurse Anesthesia developed in the first half of the 20th century, while the Certified Nurse Specialist and the Nurse Practitioner roles developed in the second half of the century. There were many elements that created the demand for Advanced Practice Nurses. The large number of immigrants in the early 1900s created the need for Nurse Midwives. Another thing that influenced the growth of Nurse Midwives was when the government started to become aware of the poor maternal and child health in the US when it didn't have enough healthy males to serve in the armed forces in WWI. (Komnenich 1998). Physicians also had a lack of interest in obstetrics and this increased the opportunity for nurses to fill the role of Nurse Midwife (Komnenich 1998).Physician shortages in the 1960s created the need for clinical specialization in nursing in the form of Certified Nurse Specialists and Nurse Practitioners (Ford 1995; Komnenich 1998). Overall poor health care, especially for children, led to the development of the first Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Colorado in 1965 (Ford 1995). The practice of Nurse Practitioners has been constantly evolving since 1965, when the role was developed by Henry Silver, M.D., and Loretta Ford, R.N. (Sox 1979). Consumers liked the humanistic,...

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