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Advanced Roles Essay

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What is your opinion about the practice issue?
My opinion regarding the study revolved question of whether educational requirements should exists for the various levels of basic preparation in nursing is that I believe based on the nursing program that a nursing student part taken in, will shape how they will practice as nurses. Although nursing itself follow pretty much the same principles, based on how these principles are taught will shape how nurses practice.
For instance, I attended FAU nursing program, a major part of the program was based on Carpers four ways of Knowing, (Empirical knowing, Aesthetical knowing, Personal Knowing and ethical knowing), and from learning about these ways of knowing I incorporated them in my day to day practice when I was a nursing student and today as a register nurse. When I was in nursing school doing my rotation in med-surg, at the hospital that I was assign to, there were other nursing students there from various ...view middle of the document...

I believe that nursing is as versatile as it is because of the various levels of basic preparation that is offer to nursing students, which I do not see as an issue but more as nursing been a unique profession.

Does educational preparation at the diploma, associate, or baccalaureate level result in differences in practice?
I do believe that the educational level of the nurse does results in difference in practices. I believe with increase education does come increased knowledge, meaning that if society as a whole did not also believe that educational level is a major factor in practices there would not be a need for higher level of advancement such as a bachelor to a masters, a masters to a doctoral degree. And why would there be specific educational requirement for certain professional roles. If education preparation at different level such as diploma, associate or baccalaureate level did not result in difference in practice profession nursing programs would not offer them and the health profession would not require them. A prime example is, my supervisor at my job is a diploma nurse and our company now require her to go back to school to get a baccalaureate degree in nursing if she would like to keep her current position as a nursing supervisor. She really does not have the knowledge that is needed in a leadership role even though she have the skills. Obtain her baccalaureate degree in nursing will prepare her with the knowledge base that she needs for the supervisor position.
At times I hear my patients state remarks such as “you are a real nurse, I know you know what you are doing” when I ask why such a statement, the reply that I often get is, because I see you have a BSN. Also in my every day practice as a register nurse I do come in contact with nurses that based on their education preparation is more focus on the task that needed to be done (medications to give the pt., I have to do accu-checks and the list goes on) rather than seeing the patient as a whole, the patients are been seeing as task that needed to be completed. These nurses are usually nurses with a lower educational preparation. So yes I do belief that nurses educational level preparation does result in differences in practice.

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