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Advanced Technology And The Internet Essay

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With the advent of the advanced technology and the Internet, electronic media has become a popular medium for disseminating information to the public. It aids in overcoming communication barriers across geographical landscapes and serves as one the most dependable source to many people around the world. Electronic media is defined as a media platform that uses electronics or electromechanical energy for the audience to access the content. The content is also referred to as the broadcast. Broadcasting is by far the most important source of information (Article19, 2002). According to Curtis (2011), broadcasting is the practice of creating audio and video program content and distributing it ...view middle of the document...

All too frequently, the public broadcaster operates largely as a mouthpiece of government rather than serving the public interest. In many countries, broadcasting was until recently a State monopoly, a situation that still pertains in some States. In other countries, private broadcasting is becoming increasingly important and a variety of mechanisms have been used to try to control it. Governments have exerted control through the licensing process while commercial interests have sought to monopolise the broadcasting sector and to focus on low quality but profitable programming.”
The Regulators of the Caribbean includes the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica (BCJ), Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL), Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Regulatory Framework (OECS).
In Jamaica, the regulatory framework for electronic media is governed by the Broadcasting and Radio Re-Diffusion Act, 1949, The Television and Sound Broadcasting Regulations, Children As Code for Programming, Directives issued by the Commission. According to Gordon (2008), the Jamaican government policy regarding regulation was guided thus by the belief that there was the need to protect what was considered a national resource, namely the broadcast spectrum or airwaves, from narrow private interests that could run counter to national ones. Hence, the enactment of the radio Rediffusion Act of 1949, which was formulated in parliament as a “law to provide for the control of commercial broadcasting and of Radio Rediffusion in Jamaica and for matters connected with or relating to either of the foregoing purposes.
The amendment of the Act in 1986 gave rise to the establishment of a statutory body, the Jamaica Broadcasting Commission (JBC) that monitors and regulates the broadcasting industry. Gordon (2008) stated that the Jamaica broadcasting commission is responsible for processing applications from applicants to receive broadcasting licensing for radio, television and subscriber cable television, analysing and responding to consumer complaints, conducting investigations into complaints and implementing regulatory policies. For example, in Jamaica there are 27 free-to-air radio stations which includes Mello FM, Irie FM, Zip FM and Kool FM among others, 3 Free-to-air television stations (TVJ, CVM and Love TV), 41 Subscriber Television /Cable Operators such as FLOW, Telstar, Cornwall Communications and 1 mobile TV Licence: LIME TV. Gordon (2008) further explains that the commission administers two broadcasting laws that govern in Jamaica, namely the Broadcasting and Radio Re-diffusion Amendment Act and the Television and Sound Broadcasting Regulations. The commission also implemented a set of codes in governing Children’s programming called the Children's Charter for Programming. The Commission also oversees the maintenance of standards such as ensuring that television and subscriber cable television provide satisfactory customer service, technical quality, and...

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