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Advanced Technology Leading To The Development Of Smart Weapons

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It’s December fourteenth, two thousand twelve. The young children of Sandy Hook Elementary School are spending a typical day in their classes in the small town of Newtown, Connecticut, not aware of the tragic event that is about to change their lives forever. A shooter, who investigators believe to be Adam Lanza, arrives at the elementary school armed and dangerous. Despite the new security system that was recently installed, Lanza uses an assault weapon to shoot his way into the building. Once inside the school, he begins his shooting spree, bursting into numerous classrooms and shooting innocent students and teachers. A total of twenty-six people, twenty children and six adults, are killed on this day that began as any normal Friday at their school would. The gunman, who had three harmful weapons in his possession, also took his own life today, as well as his mother’s.
The issue of whether we should allow our advanced technology to be used to develop safer weapons and form solutions to firearm safety has been widely debated in our nation recently. It is an important issue because it indicates that there is technology available that could decrease the amount of deaths related to the use of handguns. This issue also raises fundamental questions about the way we should incorporate our innovative technology to make these “smart weapons” if companies and manufacturers agree to produce personalized guns in the United States. A variety of different arguments have been put forward about this issue. This essay will consider the arguments against developing safer, personalized guns. It will then point to the explanations of how the improvements can help reduce gun violence while also avoiding the political debate of gun control.
As a result of the Sandy Hook massacre, people all around the world have started to realize the role that weapons play in deaths occurring each and every day. Whether the murderer has a decent excuse for taking an innocent victim’s life should not matter. What does matter, however, is if the weapon used to kill the individual was property of the gunman. Could the development of “smart weapons” decrease the misuse of firearms and the amount of gun violence taken place each day? Would the incorporation of biometrics and grip pattern detection on guns prevent a killer from firing a gun that they do not own? These are questions we should all ponder upon when discussing the idea of smart gun development and the approaches we can take in order to decrease the number of gun-related deaths. In my opinion, gun violence is one of the major issues in our society today; therefore, the advanced technology that is now available to many companies and manufacturers should also be used to make guns and weapons safer.
It has been argued that the technology incorporated into the making of the personalized weapons will not be effective at preventing gun violence, and the research improvements could cost enormous amounts of money...

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