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Advancement Opportunities With A Bachelors Of Science In Nursing

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Nursing advancements available with a BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) vs. an ADN (Associates of Science in Nursing) are wide and varied as the field of nursing itself. There is truly a niche for every nurse, it just takes a little research. Because it’s hard to know what you’ve never been exposed to. A few of the fields accessible with a BSN, but limited or unavailable to those with an associates or certificate of Registered Nursing are Clinical Nurse Leader, Informatics Nurse, Gerontological NP (Nurse Practitioner), and School Nurse. Looking at these specialties separately one can see just how different this handful of sand in the sea of nursing really can be.
Management in nursing is every bit as wide and varied as any clinical option in nursing. The Nurse Manager role covers so many functions. On a clinical unit a Nurse Manager can manage the unit finances/ budget, maintain nurses hiring, scheduling and training, collaborate with physicians and equipment companies. Truly the jack of all trades in nursing, because at the end of the day they can even function as a floor nurse in a pinch. If it has to be done, ultimately the Nurse Manager has the responsibility of seeing it through. It’s a respectable and daunting task. (Johnson & Johnson, 2014) On another end of the Nurse Management spectrum is Informatics Nurse. This nurse of phenomenal mathematical and logistic prowess uses information technology to use the statistic patterns of information collected by healthcare systems to trend data and create and or teach computer programming to benefit the nursing practice. (Johnson & Johnson , 2014)

Two of the clinical pathway options available with a BSN are School Nurse and NP. The school nursing option as with many other specialized fields of nursing increasingly requires a BSN exclusively. And the entry for graduate programs required to obtain an NP degree require nearly exclusively a BSN. With the school nurse option one has a specific population that they are able to focus on and treat at any point along the continuum from elementary age to college age pupils. So that leaves a lot of room for person preference within a specialized field. The one experience I had with a school nurse in the elementary setting proved that her expertise of the pediatric realm of possible disorders and side effects was amazingly extensive. And her compassion for a population who may scrape a knee because they want the tenderness with which a band aid is applied by the school nurse is a lovely substitute for affection in a foreign environment away from home. If a nurse desires to function exclusively in an academic environment yet maintain professional...

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