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Advancements of Med-Care
George Wunderlich once stated, “The American Civil War often gets credit for ending slavery and reshaping the federal government in this country. But the war between the states has another, often overlooked legacy: It may have started a new era in modern medicine” (brainyquote). Contamination of medical equipment, poor sanitation methods, and lack of efficient medical procedures all led to the spread of disease, which resulted in death. However, modern medicine has significantly improved from the Civil War, due to its horrendous medical practices. The Civil War had countless impacts on the nation, but its most significant impacts were the advances in medical ...view middle of the document...

If doctors would not have had horrendous sanitation methods during the Civil War, Americans would not have the sophisticated sanitation systems they have today. During the Civil War doctors did not wash their hands before or after a surgery, which led to disease and infection. Wunderlich states, “Civil War medicine was every bit barbaric as it’s made out to be, and surgeons weren’t even washing their hands” (Rutkaw). Since surgeons and doctors were not washing their hands, disease and infection rates increased causing medical officials to look for a cure; which led to many new medical advances. The deadly sanitation methods and systems during the Civil War highly impacted the sanitation methods medical officials use today.
Despite its barbaric reputation, the Civil War greatly impacted the sanitation systems used in today’s medical fields. One major impact in today’s sanitation systems, are the methods doctors and surgeons use to help prevent disease and infections. One way doctors prevent the spread of diseases, is by washing their hands for a full ten minutes before operating or examining a patient. This method of preventing diseases is efficient because it kills the germs that are on a medical officials hand and prevents them from spreading to the next patient from the doctor or surgeon palpating the patient (“Medicine During the Civil War). This is one of the greatest medical innovations gained from the Civil War. Since there are now proper medical schools, doctors and surgeons are now able to realize the causes of certain bacterial and viral infections. Medical officials now can stop the spread of infections and diseases before they become too serious with antibiotics. Another way that today’s sanitation systems were affected from the Civil War, are the precautionary steps that medical officials take to keep today’s hospitals clean from bacteria and viruses. Today’s hospitals are cleaned constantly and a patients room is cleaned up to three times a day. Organizations like the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) keep adding new sanitation guidelines, which medical officials must use to keep today’s hospitals clean from bacteria and viruses (“Hospital and Clinic Cleaning Guidelines”). (Transition sentence)
However, due to the lack of medical education during the Civil War, doctors and surgeons lacked familiarity to wounds and other medical procedures. The new military advances before and during the Civil War meant more powerful, destructive weapons and more devastating injuries. Most American doctors,...

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