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Journalism is now no longer just black and white, no longer is it just printed in its masses by machines onto paper and shipped off to stalls, shops and petrol stations. Journalism is now easily accessed and also participated in without leaving the comfort of your own home.
Interactivity has been central to the developments of online media and in many eyes was already a big missing link in the media before it became a buzzword used by the online community.
A quote from Jim Hall’s 2001 book Online Journalism says that Interactivity “could be added to Impartiality, Objectivity and Truth as a core value of journalism.” (Hall, 2001)
I think this has already happened, maybe it is not in official writing that says it is equally important, but more of an unwritten rule that any type of published work must now allow for the readers to have some kind of input or response, as if it is needed as the final process when now digesting news.
Indeed Interactivity is often at the forefront of a media workers mind when coming up with new content to publish.
I have been involved in three projects throughout my time working at Carlisle United that were Youtube and interactivity focused. Working with YouTube the most important form of interactivity is comments, shares and views, gathering as much of these as possible shows that your content is interesting and well put together.
Shares are possibly the most important part of the interactivity on YouTube because that is how the video gets ‘out there’. Your followers or just people passing by can share it via their own Facebook, Twitter etc. accounts and help gain the video publicity which in turn lets those who see the first share, share it again.
All three of our videos –Show Racism The Red Card, Brunton Park Stadium Feature and First Team Training Feature – gathered very positive viewing numbers and were shared by viewers to their own social network circles, fewer comments were posted than originally hoped for but viewing traffic figures were very pleasing.
Another thing to address is that unlike linear media such as print, radio and TV; the internet is ruled by everyone and anyone, not by big news corporations. Interactivity allows you to hear news from sources other than those with news specific agendas.
For example, a particular broadsheet newspaper may favour one political party over another, and so their stories about such subjects would have subtle wording, facts etc. that leant the way of that party and not telling a fair and impartial story. Whereas, the internet would allow a keen, neutral politics follower to discuss the same story in an impartial manner and offer up a story which favoured neither side, and gave the reader all the facts but at the same time not trying to coerce them into the author’s way of thinking.
One key note I have taken from lectures on this module was of a phrase that stuck out in my mind about the overall need for interactivity: “Interactivity is not video, or ‘multimedia’; it...

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