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Advances In Animation And Their Effects On Modern Cinema

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Advances in Animation and Their Effects on Modern Cinema
Animation has been a huge contributor to today’s media when it comes to movies and televisions programing. For decades, using a series of images to create the illusion of movement, has evolved into billion dollar industries for entertainment. Animated movies are in a completely different league of their own and, no matter how simple they may seem, require a sufficient amount of technique as well as technology. Even live action movies use some form of animation in order to create worlds that could have never been possible without technology. This form of entertainment has shaped standards when it comes to what people expect to see in films in the 21st century. Animation, no matter the form, has been a large part of people’s lives and it has become quite transparent that recent advance have led to a whole new level of animation. There has however been conflict when it comes to this form of media in regards to whether or not traditionally animated films, whether it be stop motion or hand drawn pictures, are becoming obsolete since the advent of CGI (computer generated imagery). Animation fans from all walks of life have segregated themselves in accordance to what they believe is the better form of animation. The debate mainly focuses on whether these new advances are truly benefiting the animation industry and whether or not traditional animation, in movies, such as Disney’s Treasure Planet, are being over looked due to movies that use computers as a primary medium. It is arguable that GCI ads realism to animated films but does that fact completely rule out what hand-drawn films have been doing for decades. CGI should not supplant traditional animation techniques because both have their place in modern cinema and each advantage sacrifices attributes which in turn allow them to gain superiority.
The debate among fans of animated movies has been going on for quite some time. Ever since the release of some of the first CGI films such as Pixar’s Toy Story there have been avid fans how have embraced this historical shift in animation. As the years went on several other large animation companies, such as DreamWorks and Blue Sky Studios, jumped on the bandwagon creating well know films such as the Shriek movie franchise and Ice Age. Disney was one of the last companies to convert to computer generated animated films. For quite some time, they had tried to stick with hand-drawn animation, which is what they were known best for. According to Snow Cones and Statuettes, an article written by Brooks Barnes, Disney simply could not keep up with this ground breaking new technology (Barns 1). This forced Disney to have to put a complete stop to the production of 2 dimensional films and thus “Tangled” was released. Consequently, due to the announcement that Disney was no longer making traditionally animated films, many people on social media have blown up with both outrage and euphoria. Chief...

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