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Over the years technology has become more advanced and has become a big part of our everyday life. Technology increasingly plays important roles in education, medicine, and communication. While technology becomes a bigger part of our life it has caused some bad side effects in jobs, communication, education, agriculture, and safety.

Advances in technology have changed healthcare worldwide. In some areas of the world where there are not enough doctors to serve large populations or where it can be difficult to reach patients in remote areas, Telemedicine helps doctors and patients to interact with one another without being in the same room. Vital information can be collect by locally ...view middle of the document...

In Africa, the popularity of the cell phone makes it a great tool in the campaign to prevent Malaria. One of the worlds most persistent yet preventable diseases. A popular football player, Didier Drogba, sends a mobile text to millions of cell phone users as a reminder to sleep beneath a mosquito net. This text campaign has helped reduce mosquito bites which can cause Malaria. Cell phones have also played a large role in recent fundraising campaigns to aid victims of disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, which hit the Northeastern United States in 2013. These campaigns make it easy for smartphone users to donate to the disaster relief effort and have successfully raised millions of dollars. Cell phones are also routinely used to reach millions with severe weather and security alerts.
Communication is no longer limited to physically getting together or connecting on the telephone. Today people of all ages are keeping in touch via social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, Etc... Social media sites have been shown to enhance communication, social interaction, and sharpen technical skills of teenagers and sites like Facebook are a large part of the lives of students all over the world. Studies indicate that over 20% of teenagers log onto social media sites over 10 times in one day. Social media has transformed the way many people stay in touch with friends and family – today people are more likely to wish a friend a happy birthday on Facebook and less likely to send a card through the post office. In fact, with access to applications like Facebook people are more likely to message or chat on social networking sites than to email or call a friend. Social networking has provided a way to interact with others who have similar interests on interest focus groups, express opinions, and is also the way many people meet new friends.
Advances in communication may be a two edged sword. While communication and information is instant and accessible thanks to new technologies, we must balance the use of these technologies in our lives. Advances in communication have improved productivity in the workplace, but smartphones and laptops frequently keep employees tied to their work 24 hours a day and can cause them to be distant from their family and friends. Students have also begun to exhibit dependency on technology. When students were asked to stay away from all technology for twenty-four hours, they were found to exhibit symptoms that were similar to those experienced through drug and alcohol addiction.
Social media is also a tool that allows us to interact with others in new ways but it too must be utilized wisely. Most experts are concerned that email and social media sites cannot replace face-to-face contact and that impersonal communication skills are being lost with these new forms of communication. Additionally experts feel that we develop weaker social ties as we opt for social media as a form of communication instead...

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