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Advancing Academic Sucess Through Technology Essay

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First developed for the space shuttle programme in 1979 but not mass marketed until Compaq launched their laptop in 1988 and Apple launched the first Mac laptop in 1989 (Roseberry, n.d.). In 2014, technology has evolved from the basic calculators, typewriters and gaming systems, to primary education necessity and secondary educational requirements. Primary schools are equipping each student with iPads and similar technological equipment to streamline the students’ success. Not only has technology helped the student, but also it allows teacher and parents to have a more robust relationship with each other and the student. Technological advances does not stop at early education, it continues to college, which leads to professional world. As Saomya Saxena (2013) state “…we can see the improvement in education, once it embraced technology.”
Half (52%) of all children in America, now have access to one of the newer mobile devices at home: either a Smartphone (41%), a video iPod (21%), or an iPad or other tablet device (8%) (Zero to Eight, 2011). The introduction of technological devices at young ages allows for essential skills to be developed prior to walking. According to McManis and Gunnewig (2012) research, children using computers supports and increases young children’s skills in the social, cognitive, language, literacy, writing, and mathematics realms (p. 15). Computers are now placed in every class, as chalkboards once dominated classrooms prior to the merging of technology and education. Some of the software utilized to aid the academic success in primary schools are online games, which help with further motor skills. The ability to increase knowledge does not stop with young children as many middle and high schools across America are trading in textbooks for technological devices. This change has decreased the stress put on students’ bodies by not carrying heavy books. Furthermore, technology gives students immediate access to an abundance of quality information, which leads to learning at much quicker rates than before (Saomya, 2013). Engaging in meaningful activities, such as problem-based learning projects, browsing the Internet in search of information for a report, or the preparation of presentation assignments. Students have the ability to ask questions to their teachers via the internet. Technology also allows parents the ability to review their child’s grades, have conferences with teachers and find additional exercises for their child from digital devices. Technological advance does not stop when a child graduates from high school, it continues on to college starting with applying to colleges.
Technology, in many institutions of higher education, has become a part of college life, not only for online students (Leer & Ivanov p. 16). In addition to applying for colleges online, students chose their course, reading electronic textbooks, preform research, and submitting assignments. Some colleges also offer virtual...

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