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In conclusion, the journey to becoming a nurse anesthetist is long, entailing much study, more research, more experience, and a lot of finances. After completing my RN-BSN, I will have met the minimum requirements to achieving my desire of advancing my career in anesthetic nursing. After acquiring the CRNA licensure, my career will not end there, as the career requires continuous research and study.
Advancing the nursing career entails advancement and development of leadership and patient care skills through practice and further education. In Whitehead, Weiss, and Tappen (2010), every registered nurse (RN) is expected to develop and provide leadership to other members of their team and at the same time give competent care to patients (p. 236). Advancement in the nursing career to become a nurse anesthetist is a personal responsibility as Whitehead et al. (2010) puts it. In this paper I have developed a plan for advancing my nursing career, starting from four months before the completion of my RS-BSN course to becoming a nurse anesthetist.
The major role of a nurse anesthesiologist or anesthetist involves administering anesthesia to patients. In this respect, nurse anesthetists require extensive training and education. From Pozgar’s (2009) point of view, making a patient go unconscious is a very dangerous duty that requires a lot of attention to the details involved, in addition to a well versed background in biology, chemistry, physiology, and other sciences. In most instances, the road to becoming a nurse anesthetist is long; however, it is a rewarding career, both financially and in terms of job satisfaction.
Within the last four months to completing my RS-BSN, I will follow up to obtain my licensure as an RN. After that, I will proceed to graduate school for my master’s degree in nursing; a master’s degree is one of the requirements for one to be an anesthetist. The core-curricula at this level will expose me to additional research to enable me to satisfy the additional clinical requirements for doctoral students. After this, I will pursue the clinical practice experience requirement through volunteering in one of the major hospitals, engaging in 2,500 hours of clinical training, and administering about 850 anesthetics as required by the American...

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