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Advantageous And Disadvantageous Aspects Of Computer Games For Children

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This essay will explore the advantageous and disadvantageous aspects of computer games for children, teenagers and adult and argue for its positive and negative health and social implications of this trend.

Computer games are becoming increasingly more and more popular, and, in some situations, essential in our society. First, computer games provide a wide range of educational activities and encourage different aspect of imagination, learning, exploration and creativity. The use of computer games has been around for several years, and it is well documented through disease, disabilities, learning skills and entertainment. The benefits that come from computer games are heralded to change the lives of many millions of people. By being able to treat disorders, disabilities, educational functions, fun, entertainment and provide numerous helpful benefits.

According to Knight, W (2003) The society should consider the aspect of playing computer games as it indulges in our lives, recent research suggests that computer games would be even more beneficial form of VR treatment treating people with phobias, this treatment method is known as exposing people to the source of their fear in a controlled environment which may lead to a cure. Computer games often have the software tools in which players use to build new levels or custom tournament, research suggest that such tools contrast phobia-fighting virtual environment for patient. With this research in place, its shows with the aid of using VR treatment it stimulates into patient particular fears by providing highly realistic graphics and it’s increasingly being used and found as a cure in several people. According to Griffths (2005) it states that computer games are useful in health care, it’s provide cognitive distraction between patients undergoing chemotherapy and treatment for sickle disease. Research suggests that it distracts patients which caused led nausea and lover blood pressure.

Another beneficial that can come from computer games are social benefit; according to Bradford. S, Crowe. N (2006), Computer games are very familiar in the world everybody from children to adults, played with it. Children and teenagers are most popular people who often play computer games, research suggests that young people gain self-confidence, provide them to communicate with other individuals on online games, and improve life skills and educational video games. According to Geake. E (1993), another positive impact of computer is helping blind people to use means, icons, and mice. Although they are increasingly popular within sighted people, however the use of text- based displays are more difficult blind people as they are replacing them. A wide range of effects has being observed in recent years, Research suggests that Virtual world offer people with disorder such as Asperger syndrome by providing them with an opportunity to practice real world social skills.

However the health...

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