Pros And Cons For Each Of The Four Parenting Styles

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To be a parent is hard work. Although every parent has a different mindset towards raising a child, the types of parenting styles can be distinguished amongst a few different kinds. In this research paper, one will learn the pros and cons for each of the four parenting styles described by Baumrind and the effect each one has on a child. Baumrind based her studies towards the development of adolescents and how the specific parenting style has influenced the child. With her findings, she found that there are four different styles that most kids were classified under, with authoritative being one of the highest. The way a parent raises his or her child will affect that child for the rest of their life. Whether a child has been brought up through good behavior or abusive behavior of the parent, the child will reflect that behavior.
Interestingly, the study that was held by Bednar and Fisher has proved that children tend to refer to their peers for help, regardless of the parenting style that has influenced them. Their study was based off of two hundred and sixty-two college students who completed a decision making scale; as well as a parenting scale in an effort to determine if the child-rearing style of their parents was related to the tendency of these late adolescents to reference peers rather than parents or other adults in decision making. Although children refer to peers more likely than parents, adolescents who were raised by authoritative parents are more likely to turn towards a parent than adolescents who were influenced by other parenting styles. Bednar’s reasoning for such an experiment was to prove that Baumrind’s typology about parenting styles was accurate.
Based on previous findings, namely that thwarted attempts at achieving independence from parents result in greater than normal reliance on peers (Youniss & Smollar 1983), that peer orientation is a function of adolescent’s relationships with their parents (Fuligini & Eccles, 1993) and that parental permissiveness is related to adolescents susceptibility to peer pressure (Steinberg 1987), it seemed reasonable to predict that if adolescents are raised in an environment that is not conductive to the development of an independent identity and autonomous decision making, they will be more likely to turn to peers as a source of support and guidance as well.
From birth up until death, a parent will have some sort of effect on their child’s life, either through their behavior or even by the choices they make. The way a parent acts, talks, or does anything will greatly impact their child’s development. Throughout the most vulnerable and impressionable stages of a child’s life, he or she will only be familiar and understand their parents and the environment they live in. Whether it’s sucking their thumb or getting caught cheating on a test, parents will always be there to react in a certain matter. The way a parent reacts to a certain situation is usually the way their...

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