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Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Molton Carbonate Fuel Cell

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5.1 What is Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell (MCFC) ?
It a cell that takes Hydrogen, Oxygen and carbon dioxide as feed and produces water. It operates at extremely high temperature (between 6000C – 7000C). Molten Carbonate fuel cells are usually %45 to %55 efficient. That is due to heat lost from the chemical reaction (not all of the energy converts to electrical energy. This report will demonstrate the components of molten carbonate Fuel cell, what there mode are of and how they function.

5.2 Advantages and disadvantage:
To produce electricity in large scale, a stack of Melton carbonate fuel cell is used (a multiple of MCFCs are connected to produce).In addition, Hydrogen tanks are vast and they require huge space. Moreover, MCFC produces carbon dioxide which causes pollution even though is recycled there is a mount flushed out with the water.

Operating at high temperature leads to more efficiency (more energy) [United 2013]
. Also, high temperature prevents the electrodes from reacting with carbon monoxide which eventually could lead to corrosion [Fuel Cell 2011] . Furthermore, expensive catalysts are not needed such as platinum, when the temperature is high which minimize the cost.
H2 + CO3 ↔ H2O + CO2 + 2e-
1/2O2 + CO2 + 2e- ↔ CO3
CH4 + H2O ↔ 3H2 + CO

5.3 MCFC structure
Figure MCFC-1 shows the following parts of a Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell :
A . Anode.
B . Cathode.
C . A Wire (connects the cathode and anode).
D . Electrolyte membrane.
In Figure MCFC-1, there are two electrodes .One of them is the anode which is represented in the figure as A and the other is Cathode which is denoted as B. In Between the electrodes there is a semi porous membrane. The two electrodes are connected by a wire. Oxygen and Carbon dioxide are fed from the cathode side while Hydrogen is fed from the anode side. Water and carbon dioxide are outlets however part of the produced carbon dioxide is recycled to the cathode side.
5.4 Function of each part
When the hydrogen atoms hit the anode, hydrogen atoms split to...

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