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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Big Data

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Big Data
All new innovations have their advantages and disadvantages, and big data is no different. There are plenty of positive reasons for companies to adopt the new technology, but these rewards do come with some negative side effects. The main advantages of big data include the increased speed, capacity, and scalability of the storage as well being able to manage this information more effectively. By using cloud storage, computing capabilities have increased. With internal hardware there are restrictions regarding the amount of space available, but with cloud computing of big data these restrictions are not as magnified. Also, the capital investment ...view middle of the document...

While there are plenty of advantages for big data, drawbacks are also present. The main disadvantage of big data deals with privacy, a complicated issue in today’s world. Companies now have the ability to collect even more information on customers than before. With the collection of more information, companies are also incentivized to store this information for a longer time period. People today are wary of what type of information they want to give out because of the possibility of it landing in the wrong hands. Big data only magnifies the concern and potential for more personal information to end up with someone who should not have knowledge of the information. Many consumers are not aware of the amount of data that is collected. Every purchase that a customer makes is stored, especially those with loyalty cards, and tracked to find out more about the individual. Programs are able to make inferences about the customer that many believe is delving too far into the personal lives of the company’s customers.
All of this extra data collected and the inferences that are being made are increasing the advantage for corporations over the individual. They are able to determine many factors including the amount of money you will spend on their product, the knowledge you have on the market, and the desire to own the product. These all contribute to companies being able to extract the maximum profits from the consumers. Many people believe this is an invasion of privacy and companies should not have this power and control over the marketplace. Corporations are also able to process risk analysis of potential customers. This can lead to unfair...

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