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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet Advertising In Promoting Products To Consumers

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In today’s world, everything is more convenient and accessible for everyone due to advances in technologies. With the help of computers and internet that is being used by people of all ages, there is an increase in number of the World Wide Web users worldwide. Internet plays a very significant role in everyone’s life most especially to business minded people. Business companies need to promote their products. In order for those companies endorse and sell products, they need to have a good marketing strategy. This is the time wherein they need to advertise it. Advertising comes in many ways. However internet advertising is one of the modern and easiest ways of advertising a ...view middle of the document...

In this research, the research tool used by the researchers was the survey questionnaire. The first draft of questionnaire was shown to their adviser for comments, corrections and suggestions. Afterwards, enough copies for the respondents were made. The questionnaires were composed of 10 questions and a total of 30 copies that would be distributed into the Marketing Management students.

Data Analysis
In analyzing the data that the researchers gathered in the survey, they used to get the frequency and percentage of the respondents answers.

Results and Discussion
Based on the survey done by the researchers, this were the analysis and interpretation gathered through the questionnaire.
Table 1 show that nearly 65% of the respondents chose that the main advantage of internet advertising were it is easy to access information and easy updates on products.
Accessibility is one of the advantages that internet advertising had. According to Copper (2007) internet had the information needed by the people where they can easily access information about the product.
Easy update on products was also the preferred advantages of internet advertising by the respondents. It is because people can be aware about updates of the product easily with the help of internet.

Table 2 shows that 18 out of 30 respondents chose that the main disadvantage of internet advertising were having pop-up advertisements.
From the (2004), it was stated there that pop-up ads are recognized to irritate web users because it interferes activities of the users on a webpage.

Based on the discussion that the researchers had, it can be concluded that the main...

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